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Andrew of our support team seems to have fixed the community section again (including logins) and notes that he has added code that should hopefully prevent it from ever entering Read Only mode again. Appreciate your patience, folks. Pic unrelated


I’m glad qposts and cblogs are back for you folks. I hope this will offset the Crushing Unhappiness and Physical Pain I’m dealing with. Btw SF6 review coming tomorrow and I done fucked it through stress. Ggs


The old gray mare she ain't what she used to be.


Hey folks, Hope that ur all enjoying a happy and restful weekend, and ur filling your spare time with either rad shit that energizing, or equally rad shit like simply staying in bed, eating ice cream. Either way, the point of the day i radness x


Hope y'all had a great weekend and that this is a happy and enjoyable week for you. Have a wicked one, friends x


Howdy folks! I'm not so good. Gout has kicked the tar out of me all week and I'm sick and in pain. But the weekend brings rest and hope. So please send some my way, but, of course, have an awesome couple of days and enjoy Zelda if you're playing. Love U x


I spent most of my weekend stressing HARD about work. Not healthy :( I did watch Dungeons & Dragons, which is painfully derivative but has a lot of heart and fun worldbuilding (If you can stand the 100 MPH quippin'). I hope you had a better one.


What an exhausting week, metaphorically and literally, but it is the weekend, and I hope that all of you are not only surviving, but thriving. Get some well earned rest and be kind to yourselves. And remember I love thee, always x (Reprint cos gif broke)


What an exhausting week, metaphorically and literally, but it is the weekend, and I hope that all of you are not only surviving, but thriving. Get some well earned rest and be kind to yourselves. And remember I love thee, always x


‘Hello I’m here to complain about the difficulty curve in Gun.Smoke (1985)’


This was a rough week, industry-wise and personally, with some pretty sad family news (I'm fine). But I'm grateful for the wekend, I'm grateful for all of you, and I hope that these coming days are wonderful ones for you. Have a wicked wkend, love u x


Hope you’re all doing ok Kool Doodz. Have a totally tubular afternoon cowabunga I love u


Howdy buckeroos, hope that this has been a good week for all y'all, and that this weekend gives you the chance for some fun. Be sure to treat yourself, whether to something princely, some nice food, or just an extra hour in bed. Y'all deserve it. Love U x


Hey folks, I’ve written a hefty piece on the FP about games in The Simpsons (not Simpsons Games) and if you could check it out I’d be mighty appreciative. Have a good night x


Have yourself a happy little weekend, Team Destructoid. I continue in my efforts to smash the germs invading my system, but I *think* I'm getting there. Hope the coming days bring you rest, joy, and more than a dash of pure happiness, love you x


I’m sad so I bought a fright night poster


time to produce some content


This has been a dreadful week for me, health-wise, work-wise, and especially in the ol' noodle. I know so many of y'all don't interact with these Friday qposts anymore, but the habit remains for those that do. Have a good weekend, look after yourselves x


I’m not ready to face the new week - physically or mentally. I’m still sick but I gots to do it. Please support my quarter capacity ass with my output. It might not be up to standard. Hope y’all had a good weekend


Hey folks, I’ve not been on the fp for a couple of days. I’m in bed and pretty sick. I hope that the week has been better for you and that you have a nice weekend. Make the most of it, and remember I love thee. Send support and donuts. I’m sad x


At the end of a pretty brutal week, I'mma swing by the Qtoid playground to wish all of y'all a happy, fun, and restful weekend. Are you getting up to anything cool? Or just chillin' for your good self. Whatever you're doing, have a rad one. Love u x


Just checking in, friendos. What a week. Hope that you're all doing ok, yo <3


Eegads what a week.. I hope that yours has been kind to you, and I hope that the weekend is a pleasant one. Whatchu got planned? I plan to eat donuts and get some sleep because that's excitement at my age. Hope you make the most of it, friends! Stay groov


Happy birthday to the very talented and much-loved Alphadeus, sending you all the best for today, the week, and the year. I hope all three are rad for you, buddy.


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