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Todays Forspoken discourse really soured me on my hard work. For the first time, the discourse got to me. Worse still, the suggestion that Squeenix picked/paid off ‘easy win’ sites for good scores. I lost a load of followers too. Pfff I stand by my wo


#selfiesaturday Have a lovely one, friends. I was sad yesterday so I raided the wardrobe and dressed up as dollar store Testament to feel a bit better x


For the first time in four years, I was so busy that I nearly forgot. But I didn't forget. Have a safe and happy weekend, friends. And if you're facing strife, though that we're with you. You are always among friends her. Love thee x


Happy Belated Birthday tho the legendary Wes Tacos! I hope that ou had a radical day and that this year is a beautiful and happy one for you. All the best, friend <3


It's Panda's birthday! As you know that means two things: 1. Wishes for a wonderful and happy year for a wonderful person, and 2. The return of this video <3 Love u Panda x


Hope y’all have a wicked weekend, friends. I’m going to watch movies from Uganda and play Breakers


Short but sweet this week, friends. It's been a long one and ah'm sleeepeeey. Hope that you all have a happy, fun, and cheerful weekend. Sending you all the love and good vibes you need to make this happen x


Probably self inflicted. But with each and every passing day nothing seems more appealing than staying in bed. Not entirely in a ‘depression’ way. More in just a ‘warm and comfortable and sleepy’ way


Our annual ‘Best Characters of the Year’ post is up, and it’s a pretty bumper batch this year. Go check it out if you have the time!


I'm so frikkin busy that, for the first time in years and years, I almost forgot to say Have a safe and happy weekend. Hope that your year is off to a fine start and that you're feeling good. I didn't forget tho, cos I love you x


Just saw a professional critic say of the Evil Dead Rises trailer ‘I’m getting a lot of Evil Dead 2013 vibes from this’. Funny that.


We’ve just hit midnight here, so here’s to wishing my home away from home, the Destructoid community, all the very best for 2023. Thanks for rocking with us. I wish you joy, health, and happiness x


Hey folks! Hope the festive week has been kind to ya. I've been a little sickly, first migraine in a year, bah. But hopefully, this will be a rad weekend for all of us to kick off the new year. Have a good one, love all y'all x


Happy Birthday to Destructoid community member RiffRaff! Wishing you all the best for a fine weekend and a rad year ahead. Have a wicked one!


Happy belated birthday to AtomicBanana, SpikeyWiggedHero, and anyone else unfortunately lost in the mix this wild week. Hope that you all had a great day and that this is a rad year for all y'all x


Happy Holidays, Destructoid! Here’s to all y’all x


More or less done working for a couple of days, will be on and off site over the weekend. Hope to see yall pop into the comments for WBP or the Xmas message! No pressure but be cool to see ya <3


Hey folks, Whatcha Been Playing and my usual Xmas message are on deck as always, but just wishing y'all a fine weekend. Hope that it's a happy and restful one. Take the break you deserve from another long year, and be sure to join me on the FP Sunday x


I'm having to deprogram for SF6 Juri working... New controls, a different anti-air button, different mechanics, but we're working on it, and its coming together, even if the transition between V and VI is being a tad janky for us. Look at her tho <3


What a week. I hope that u are all ok, and the weekend is filled with both the simple pleasures and the complex ones too. I don't know what a complex pleasure is. Have a safe and restful wkend. I want to see you ALL in Whatcha Been Playing, capiche? <3


HEADS UP: A change has been made to FP comments. Now, clicking the JTC button will cause the comments to open beneath the article, not in a sidebar/pop-up. We pushed hard for this and hope it helps. If so, please show them by spilling chat on FP <3


Some fine features on the FP right now: an Skullgirls exclusive by me, a live TGA report from Noelle, a ghost game by Sorrel, and *brilliant* ‘dating fighting game characters’ feature from occams. Check em out, share your thoughts, restore the comment


Happy Birthday to our boy D-Volt! Thanks for riding with us and here's to a great day and a fantastic and happy year for you. Have a good one, friend!


The week is making me very unhappy. For a variety of reasons. I hate feeling like this. Oh, I played Hades the most, followed by Street Fighter v


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