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The Inquisitioning: Final Thoughts

So I've given my ongoing experience with the first act of Dragon Age Inquisition. When I last left off, my save was 25 hours in, and am currently nearing 60. The second act of the game is much larger than the first. For starters, ther...


The Inquisitioning: Storm Coast and Beyond

So I've been busy in Dragon Age. I doubled my hours logged just on this save. There's been a lot I've learned, and I can almost kill high dragons now. The game really opens up, and while I feel me taking my time disrupted the flow of ...


The Inquisitioning: David Bowie - Reset!

Hey anyone bothering to read these! So I took the time to go through the Dragon Age Keep and customize my worldstate as I think I said in the previous entry, and I've restarted my save, with a few minor changes. I went for roughly the...


Happy Holidays, Dtoid

It's Hanuquanzmas, everyone, and holy butts has it been a hell of a year for gaming. We've had some amazing releases: The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Dragon Age: Inquisition, many, many more. We've gone t...


Playing History: Slave Trade

  The horrifying tale of a young African, enslaved, given a new name, and forced to work for his captors, helping to sell his people the same way he was, now for children! Let us all take a moment to weep that this game even is, a...


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