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In the lead up to Metroid Dread I ended up replaying and reading up on the original Metroid. It was quite fascinating and I thought I'd make a video about it to add to the hype machine! What do you guys think, is Metroid girlboss or no?


I used a VR Headset for the first time!... To do training at work ...For how to deal with customers and picking out products for online orders.... Yes, mmhmm, capatalism sure is efficient... Not a single dollar or second of employee time wasted there...


Ya'll have some really neato lock screens and whatnot. Here's mine!


So there I was at my sister's, sitting in a row with her children, eating dinner at the kitchen counter. She's standing on the other side and says "Look at that! all the kids are sitting in order"... Not gunna lie, was a little devastated.


Hello fellow kids! While y'all are hunting your munsters I decided to be late to the party and got my first run of Hades completed! 9th attempt seems pretty good? The game is really good and I now understand the hubbub. Definitely THE game of 2020 for


SO Uh I made a video about 3D World. It's thematically a banger so I changed my format a bit to reflect it. Would love to see if you guys agree with my reasoning for why Meowser exists, pipes are transparent and how it all relates to a book for babies


Hey so if any of you guys were paying attention to the very small amount of stuff that I have said on here, I finally managed to get my video done about The Last of Us Part 2. Would love to hear what fellow gamers think of this game language stoof!


Happy new year Dtoid! I'm at work so no partying for me but I hope you guys are more able to celebrate!


So TLouP2 does a pretty neat thing here. We understand that cars have fronts and backs so having them all face the same way acts as diegetic arrows. An example for you budding game devs out there on how you can use the world to point/guide the player.


The Language to Convey the Past

The past seems like a tricky thing to convey. When you are making something how do you possibly imbue that ephemeral idea into something that exists in the here and now. How do you make something feel like it is in the past? Well diff...


They've started the relentless barrage of Christmas music at my work this week. To my fellow peons in retail, stay strong and I wish that this year's holiday season be gentle to you.


The Roads of Civilization

"Every nation lives by exchange" There is something about Civilization 6 that feels different when compared to other games in the series. For the most part so much of it is the same, the AI is still terrible when it comes to diplomacy ...


Band of Bloggers: Cooking in Videogames

Videogames like all art forms will take shortcuts in their representation of life in order to get to the stuff that matters the most. Cooking is a wonderful example of the different approaches videogames have taken in order to deliver ...


Wonderful Design 101 - Part 4: Novice to Master

Mastering a game is not an easy thing to do but it is something that feels incredibly rewarding. The Wonderful 101 was created with this feeling in mind and it not only provides that satisfaction, it also does a few things to help the...


My 7th Gen: Games of the Nintendo Wii

When I think about the 7th generation of consoles, I think about Playstation grills, FPSs, the colour brown, the rise of the �casual� and the �hardcore� gamers and the attempt of companies to cater to both. Do you know what I won�t be rem...


Wonderful Design 101 - Part 2: Player Guidance

The combat in The Wonderful 101 is an odd beast. It combines the drawing mechanic of Okami, the move complexity of fighters, the peon management of Pikmin and wraps it all up in the framework of a classic beat-em-up. These are all very ni...


Wonderful Design 101 - Part 1: An Overview

BTW MILD SPOILERS FOR THE GAME(Only don't read if you want to go into the game completely�blind) Intentions It is clear that the intent of the Wonderful 101 was to capture the essence of Super Sentai shows and imbue that essence into a ...


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I've been around these parts a long time and I find myself playing fewer and fewer games but my love of the medium has not dulled, if anything, it has gotten stronger.

My passion has gone mostly toward making games but my lack of being able to do art or music and lack of ability in reaching out to people to help me has meant that progress is rather slow...

I want to make games to push the medium forward in terms of understanding the language at the heart of the medium but since the making games route is a bit slow I figured I'd write up some insights and make some videos so that hopefully others can take the ideas and run with them too.


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