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Midnight Suns has been a black hole of time for me (Firaxis games are crack cocaine for my brain). Not many people are going to care but man would I LOVE an Agents of SHIELD version. The TV show's vibes fit this and the XCOM stuff so perfectly.


Impressed by the latest Bleach ep. Don't remember how I felt reading the manga at this stage but I can definitely see how much of the animation is improving things. The use of the end credits was really on point which seems to be a trend!(chainsaw man)


Exhibit #2 of why Xenoblade should win game of the year. Thanks to FakePlasticTree I re-rendered the video to include Exhibit #1 which I am ashamed to say I completely forgot about!


LOL Triangle Strategy got nominated for best RPG but not best Strategy?


Watched Thor: Love and Thunder(loved it) AND Lightyear(Liked it) the other night. I do not understand the hate boner people have for these movies that are built as mythological tales for kids to look up to and learn lessons from...


I always had a high opinion of Papers, Please but now that my soul has been crushed by working retail for so long I read so much more into it than just the oppressive government angle I used to hold. BTW Cobrastan is not a real country!


Got this headline playing Papers, Please again and reminded me of something on that I thought I heard on the news and sure enough... United Kingdom... United Federation... Coincidence? 👀👀


Just woke up and heard the news. Uh... Stay strong and take care of yourselves my friends in the US.


I don't think anyone else has posted this yet but I remember there being a few fans of "Inside" on here and Bo Burnham has released a blooper real of the special and, in typical form, he arts'ed the shit out of it!


Triangle Strategy keep impressing me the more I play it, the game has very insightful commentary about radicalisation and what it takes to achieve unity. My favourite chapter title: "The Fortress That Is Faith" is just so apt for Hyzante(and real life)


The conservatives in the Australian election lost!!!!! let's goooooooooooooo!


Won a Last Spartan Standing!!! Not sure if I'm a fan of this mode or Microsoft not really fixing the battle pass incentive structure but I'll take this!


Watched Everything Everywhere All at Once with friends today and loved it. Didn't click with me immediately but when it did, it did BIG! Was incredible how it stuck the landing. Was cool how many other people were there in the cinema watching it too!


My last post was a bit of a jab against Triangle Strategy but I've come around on the game a lot. The Scales of Conviction are a neat mechanic that I thought was worth doing a video essay on. Are you guys aware of any other games with a democracy in them?


Holy shit there is a lot of talking in Triangle Strategy. I'm not sure if all of it is necessary, but the devs at least give you like every tool to speed up the process if you don't like it which is good. Also It's got cats.


Did a video about what I think Metroid Dread's narrative is. It surprised me how expressive Samus' hands are in the game so I hope that came through in the edit. Also tweaked the script to be a blog for those who prefer to read. Link in the comments.


Metroid Dread: The Fear of Hunters and Prey

On the surface Metroid Dread is a game about being hunted. Samus starts the game off in the position of the prey which fits in nicely with the feeling invoked by the title but is also reflected in the gameplay progression and story. T...


This is one of the things I love about AoE4. It's a really nice touch to have a gradient from "real world" info to outlined soldiers and then full "graphics render" of the game. Works well with what's done in cutscenes(outlined troops over IRL footage)


Got my second Vax shot and I had a fever for about a day which is not too bad considering what others have been through! Now to make full use of this new power and proceed to stay inside and play videogames... Ahhhhhh.


I finished Dread and I had a blast playing it! I'll leave ever so slightly more indepth thoughts in the comments


I managed to finish the video before Dread came out! One last bit of hype for ya'll which is my case for why Metroid Fusion is about recovering from depression!


I found out that Sir Clive Sinclair died last month. He was instrumental in the popularity of early computers(ZX80). Anyway I thought this quote by him is pretty baller: "There’s no point in asking if someone wants it, because they can’t imagine it"


Metroid 2 doesn't get enough praise for the things that it did on that absolute brick of a hand held so I went and made a whole video essay on why it is so important to the series (and the creation of Super Metroid). Gettin' Hype for Dread!!


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