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Hi all, I'm working with Keita Takahashi and a lot of other incredible people on the 2nd issue of my mag, A Profound Waste of Time! Please back my Kickstarter if it interest you at all , we're so close to being funded (90%)! http://kck.st/2Xbufr2


Hey guys. I spent the last year and a bit making a thing, and soon it'll be real. Please clap.


Nintendo you mad, brilliant lunatics.


Guys what's your favourite JRPG and why is it The World Ends With You?


God the theme music for Monster Hunter World is just glorious. It's so triumphant and inspiring, especially from 2:55 on. I really hope more people in the west get into the series with this latest entry.


YO! I need to talk about how gorgeous the art direction Monster Hunter Stories is. Hit me up please.


Hey Guys, just wanted to show a preview of this thing I've been working on. I got to be art director on this nuts illustration for a piece in my publication on Shovel Knight with the incredibly talented Dan Mumford!


I'm willing to bet that Splatoon 2's final splatfest will be Squid Sisters vs Off the Hook, and That Marina may be popular enough on her own to swing it their way.


Guys there's an election going on in my country and I feel sick. Hold me.


That Sonic Mania trailer made me feel things. The Sonic CD/OVA art style just reminds me of why I fell in love with Sonic as a kid.


Breath of the Wild was interesting for me as it's my first time playing a Zelda game feeling distinctly older than Link.


So my Breath of the Wild total playtime showed up on my Switch today. Not sure if I should be proud or deeply, deeply ashamed.


As I kid I played videogames to escape my home life. Now I play videogames to escape politics.


Still can't believe we're getting a Gaiden remake. Madness. Also, FE Warriors cel shaded stylings make it look like the Fates/Awakening CG cutscenes and that pleases me greatly.


Now that the dust has settled, what are people's thoughts are on the english dub for Breath of the Wild?


Been playing Pokémon almost all of my life, and after years of near misses, I finally completed my first ever Pokédex! It's a Christmas miracle.


Hope you all had a fantastic christmas. I got record player this year, so I'm finally able to listen to my Undertale, Mother and Fez vinyls! Happy Days!


My Kickstarter finished today with just under 200% of our funding goal. Thank you so much everyone! I can finally stop posting about it online! Yay! This may sound extreme, but you've changed my life. Thank you guys.


Finally finished Pokemon Moon the other day, and I'm so relieved that it was such a return to form! Been feeling my love for the games wane since X and Y so I'm really happy that I had so much fun with this one.


Do you guys ever have days when you feel digitally isolated? I emailed a lot of people yesterday and haven't heard back from anyone, and I'm surprised by how much it's put a damper on my day, which is ridiculous, as it's hasn't even been 24 hours.


So by some miracle I've managed to convince Toby Fox to write for the magazine. Someone pinch me. I made a little doodle to celebrate!


Not really a big fan of the day night cycle reversal in Pokémon moon. Seems a bit unnecessary. Also my Kickstarter is £425 away from being funded. So that's swell!


TFW your Kickstarter is 90% funded AND there's a new Pokémon game out tomorrow. http://kck.st/2g0uoKL


My Kickstarter has been reached the 50% mark within it's first day. Feeling pretty jazzy right now. Thanks guys! http://kck.st/2g0uoKL http://kck.st/2g0uoKL


PLEASE DONATE SO I CAN PERSUE MY DREAMS! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/caz/a-profound-waste-of-time-a-gaming-magazine?ref=user%20


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