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They say the pen is mightier than the sword. A Plague Tale: Innocence, which is fantastic and I just finished, teaches us that the sling is also mightier than the sword. I guess the lesson is that sword is basically worthless.


Gonna finally check out Bloodstained, a surprise gift from our very own Phil. Thanks, man!


I'm almost 40, and I'm finding I increasingly no longer have the patience for deep, complex games that involve a lot of decisions and mechanics to learn and take a while to learn that I used to love until recently, such as turn-based strategy.


The transition from Nightmare to Torment in Diablo IV was jarring enough that I might be getting close to the "why am I even doing this" point I inevitably reach in these games and bowing out. I'm fighting enemies 14 levels higher, and though I'm still


I cleared the D4 Nightmare Capstone Dungeon at 61. Died 5 times to the boss, but it was actually a cool fight because I was dying to things I could avoid, so there was a skill element. Hopefully now I'll start finding useful items again.


I wonder what goes through the brain of a thug who thinks "hey, this girl single-handedly killed Lilith inside her own home in Hell, she's the perfect mark to lure to a dark alley, murder her and take her valuables".


For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to click on Missing Menu Label "to see what happens", and what happens is that the game completely freezes. Glad I cleared that up.


I cannot for the life of me find the last remaining 3 Fractured Peaks sidequests in Diablo IV. I've followed the D4buildsgg interactive map showing where all the quest givers are supposed to be, no luck. It's driving me nuts. Why? WHY?!?!


After "killing" Lilith in Diablo IV, I was disconnected during a post battle cutscene, now I have to fight her again. Are you serious, game?!?


Turns out playing Diablo IV the way I usually play these games, clearing every area before moving on rather than focusing mostly on the main quest at first wasn't the brightest idea. Oops.


How do you guys feel about Diablo's level scaling? I'm not a fan, to put it mildly.


I stepped away for a month and come back to talk of people leaving for cohost and something about Qtoid not surviving? Who's cohost? What do they eat? Why won't Qtoid survive? What's going on? Is there a link somewhere I can catch up on this stuff?


Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to remove the "highlight interactable objects", bound by law to the alt key, from Diablo 4?


I don't play many shooters, when I do it's typically stuff in the vein of CoD/Gears where I play cautiously from cover to cover. Doom Eternal is quite an adjustment.


I'm giving Shin Megami Tensei 3 HD a shot, but it's too annoyingly old school for my spoiled modern self.


"A secret weapon is saved until the last moment. That's why it's called secret"!, he shouts in earnest, hatred gleaming from his eyes. God I love Japanese dialogue, and no this isn't irony!


Luke is of course 100% correct, but when I see this kind of attention I can't help but be suspicious that such an outlier review was designed to attract such attention in the first place.


Dead Island 2 is both real and a commercial hit. Huh. This is a weird timeline.


Ace Combat 7 really needs an in-game Encyclopedia. I get this is the 7 entry in a long running series, but if you're going to keep tossing around names like they have some obvious meaning, at least tell me what they mean somewhere.


Combing through the depths of my Steam backlog, I gave a shot to Empire of Sin, Pine and The Forest, none of which kept my interest. Next up, Ace Combat 7. I have higher hopes for this one, never played an AC game but heard great things about it.


Finished Resident Evil 8. My opinion of it got worse the the closer to the end I got, but it's still solid. Maybe a 7.5. Not bad at all, but in the lower end of a hypothetical series rank. And the story, well... major spoilers in the comments.


Going through RE8, currently in the Dollhouse. My take so far is that it's a solid entry, but not as great or memorable as some other entries, which to be sure is nothing to be ashamed of. How did you guys feel about it? No spoilers!


I don't know if I'm becoming worse in my ols age or if RE8 is harder, but I'm having to look up guides embarrassingly often to progress and turn red rooms blue.


Name a gaming pet peeve. One of mine is cutscenes that shatter my suspension of disbelief for no reason whatsoever. Like in the opening section of RE8, which is what prompted this post. You open a curtain, there's a guy behind it with a shotgun...


Finished Darksiders Genesis. It's pretty good, better than it's been getting credit for considering 0 people in my Steam friend list have played it, and quite a few have previously played Darksiders. Give it a chance, guys!


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