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I have a bit of sad news to share. After much consideration, today is my last day at Destructoid. That Venba review I published earlier will be my final article for the site.


Just started watching The Other Two and how did I go so long without seeing this show?


I have a vacation coming up this week and I am so excited to hit the road to the Grand Canyon and get away from it all. Away from the internet, work, and cell reception. Just me and my camera and a good book to read at night. It'll be heaven.


Between the cheaper animation of Harley Quinn and whatever it is House of the Dragon thinks it wants to be, now is probably a good time to let my HBO Max account expire after two years. Should probably catch up on all those Marvel shows.


If 2023 really is the last big year for Switch, Nintendo is making sure it goes out with a bang.


House of the Dragon? More like...uh... Louse of the...of the...laggin'. Yeah...that's the ticket.


I can't remember who suggested this manga for me, but thanks and looky, it finally arrived!


This is, without a doubt, the best game of Apex Legends I've ever played.


It's funny. I see "140 hours to beat XC3" and I think, "Well that's way too much time. Who has that much time on their hands?" Then I easily put 200 hours into something like Overwatch or Apex Legends without blinking. #NeedtoGetMyPrioritiesStraight


Fondly remembering the days when I used to care about Comic-Con news.


Dang. I can't believe I'm only a week away from not having enough time to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


I was going to download Marvel's Avengers just to play through the Ms. Marvel story, but 100 GB?! Fuck that. Elden Ring is a third of that.


Guy at the comic book store asked me if I collected comics and I thought back to all the different relaunches I've had to suffer through and all the series I followed that got abruptly canceled. Then I said yes because he was hot.


I spent about 30 hours over the past three weeks binging Westworld to catch up for season 4 and boy howdy I am never getting those 30 hours back.


I'm usually pretty good about getting back into games after I've been away from them for a while, but holy hell Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is like a foreign language to me. How do I play this damn game?!


Lots of opinions about the MCU poppin' up on my Twitter feed, and while I do have thoughts of my own on it, I think I'll keep 'em to myself so as not to end up embarrassed like the last time I did a deep dive into a Marvel film.


The debacle on AC3 Liberation almost got me to pull the trigger on AC3 Remastered on Switch. But then I remembered I just don't like Ubisoft open-world games. More than anything, I just want a good game about the American Revolution. This list is patheti


TIL this is what Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) looked like in the '80s and I am obsessed!


Harvestella accurately captures my favorite aspect of winter: when all the leaves turn white.


I reckon these are the only fighting games I'll need for a while.


Me after watching Grave of the Fireflies for the first time (and last time)


Yo. I'm getting Netflix for 2 months starting next week and need recommendations. I'm planning to watch: Stranger Things Russian Doll Sabrina Squid Game Crown Beasts of No Nation Meyerowitz Stories Don't Look Up Power of Dog Lost Daughter Umbre


I found my new gay anthem (Sadly, the video is 1 on the Kinsey Scale when it needs to be a 7)


Spending a week with my family in Michigan has only strengthened my resolve to move to New England this year. It was so goddamn green everywhere we went, unlike where I live now.


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