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Dutch Mill <3


I hate Monday just like how Monday hates me.


Any song featuring Laura Brehm will always be a masterpiece for me. Here comes my Spaghetti Legs. OOoooooohhh


Everybody is talking about Monster Hunter World but here's DragonBall FighterZ already shipping 2 million copies worldwide.


OK looks like everyone is having a blast burning Wes and his weird fetishes. Hmm...


Electro Swing <3


Heard this while on my way to work and now I can't remove it from my head. Not that I complain but it's actually good. Don't send help. #Musictoid


These Nintendo Labo memes in Qtoid really made my day complete.


What a slow day. (Picture really not related but still)


Current Mood. Also can someone translate the text?


Anyone here who also reads 'Goblin Slayer'? Because you should be.


Yesterday, I've checked an article about 'The World Ends With You' and listened to some OSTs of the game. And now I'm having Last Song Syndrome on this song.


Is eating ice-cold spaghetti worth it?


I'll post this before I go home to remind you all to plant trees, recycle, don't litter, conserve water and electricity, etc.


Can I introduce you to my religion?


Thank me later when that miserable friend of yours is already smiling.


This is a different song from what I've shared yesterday but it has the same good vibes from before. And, yes, I can't still understand a word.


Honestly, I doesn't understand a single line but wth I really love the tune.


You saw me illegally climbing on your roof, what would you do?


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