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So far Sekiro is my favorite Spider-Man game.


I think I'm pretty smart, but I'll admit defeat when it comes to Fate/EXTRA Last Encore. 9 episodes in and I still have no flipping idea what's going on in any given scene.


As a Nurgleite, sometimes it's hard living with all you Slaanesh worshippers.


I have seriously considered moving to a colder climate because of how startlingly sweaty my balls get. This isn't gaming related so I guess it doesn't fit into confessiontoid.


I think I get it now. Death Stranding is about how big a backpack Norman Reedus can carry.


ZombZ' thoughts on Asssasssinsss Creed (the band): Origins: ;::: :; : : There are a lot of crocodiles living in deNile.


Anyone want their avatar pheller’d? I’m in the mood. EDIT: It would be nice if you could link higher resolution images of your avatars like some of you have done.


I just want to say that Sexy Brutale's player character Lafcadio Boone is actually ClearlySamElliot.


Short wall of text for people who want to stay in contact with me. Nothing dramatic, not leaving or anything crazy like that.


#2018resolutions Learn how to sing so I can mess with people in voice chat while spectating them.


herpy nuh yurrrr.


Anyone playing anything multiplayerish on PC or PS4?


Merry Xmas to you magical folk.


Hey folks. I have a request for y'all anime experts in the comments. Sorry for the hassle, but trying to fit it into the character limit was giving me seizures.


I’m very tired and won’t be around a whole lot. Just a heads up so nobody wonders about that.


Writers need to stop depowering their characters all the time. If you can’t create tension without that you’re not a good writer. I don’t watch superhero stuff to watch normal dudes do normal stuff. I need more characters for this rant.


Don’t make dead baby jokes on elevators. It’s horrible on so many levels.


I love Halloween. Unfortunately I won't be able to celebrate it this year, because I stepped inside a teleporter with a wasp, fly and spider. bzzzz


Finally managed to find a group to finish the raid in Destiny2 yesterday. I now have proof that all the hours I spent wiping these past two weeks have not been ENTIRELY my fault.


ZombZ is going back to school for 6 months. But will he learn anything? Will he make new friends? Will he NOT kill the class pet? Class pets are still a thing for education aimed at seniors... right?


Important labelmaker update: Today I spent an hour replacing all of the labels in my boss’s office with the same ones, but in Comic Sans. I’m literally trying to get fired.


I got a new labelmaker at work and it’s kickass. I’ve been labeling the crap out of everything, but don’t worry. I won’t label you.


#confessiontoid: I judge people by how much they use the mouse instead of the keyboard.


Oh calm down. It's just cosmetics!


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