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A couple days ago there was shooting near the high school I graduated from. It was students, but they had left school property. Could have been so much worse. A couple kids died. But I'm grateful it was like, dozens. Edit: NOT. NOT DOZENS.


If you want to hear how Troy Baker ended up in this NFT debacle, this is worth your time. Talking to his friends who very firmly disagree NFTs. Seems that he was sold a pipedream and then made an epically terrible tweet.


In case my feelings are unclear, NFTs are wet, steaming garbage and should NEVER enter the realm of gaming.


If you like fantasy and don't mind R rated material, you're going to want to watch this series.


Touch nothing but the lamp, you piece of shit!


The beginning of the end, folks. After all these years. We're into the last half of the last season of Attack on Titan (if I understand correctly).


I like this game. I'm 3 and 0 so far.


Taco Bell has chicken wings for 1 week. And you know what? They're pretty good.


I vote that we turn January 6th into the American version of Guy Fawkes Night. We all burn effigies of that orange moron.


I love movie trivia


Been a minute since we've had #songcoverwednesday so here's one. Though this is actually an impression of a cover.


Tag yourself. I'm Conke.


Shower thought: art commission rhymes with heart condition.


Here are my Top 5 games I played and beat for the first time in 2021. Full list of games beat will be in the Comments. Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong.


Advice for the new year


Definitely enjoyed the first episode of Boba Fett.


If you're an adult actress, why are you wasting your time on destructoid?


"Pasta is bread." --My Wife, 2021


Santa was good to me this year


Merry Christmas! Current status:


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