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There's a big old bundle of games on itch.io to raise money for abortion funds. I'll put a link in the comments. Edit: link is finally there


Just read this yesterday. Loved it. Might be my new favorite time travel story ever. And apparently, it's being adapted to a TV show soon! I hope the show is good.


Your house is on fire and you can save exactly ONE video game (physical copy, obviously). Which do you choose? Which game is irreplaceable? Which has the most monetary and/or sentimental value?


Your username is now a company. What products do you sell? (mine is obvious)


Keanu Reeves should play Dr. Doom.


I hate that you get an email saying something has shipped when, in fact, all that has happened is a label has been printed. That's not what shipped means!


Blanc looks great. Definitely excited to play that with the Mrs.


The worst thing about Destiny is it popularized having a controller analog stick function as a mouse on console in the UI. I hate it.


Beat the first Zero Escape game last night. Very good and well written. If you like Danganronpa, you'll probably like this. Scratches a similar itch.


Remember that guy who use to come around here and would always rant about how we should all embrace individualism? I've been waiting the entire pandemic for him to reappear. I want to know how he feels about it now that individualism has killed people.


What are your favorite cyberpunk games? I'd like to make a list of games in the genre to play.


There was a thread of anti-government music yesterday and it reminded me of this video. Interesting look at how protest music was nearly obliterated after 9/11.


“Hijinks are the most logical course of action” might be my new favorite Star Trek quote. Also, Strange New Worlds is an incredible show. If you've ever considered watching Trek but haven't pulled the trigger, this is the series for you to try.


Mark my words: Obamacare is going to be destroyed by the Supreme Court, leaving millions without Healthcare. More in the comments when I have a moment.


I just tried to watch the Halo show. Didn't finish the first episode. I was bored. How did they make a boring Halo show?


If you're frustrated with gas prices, here's a really informative interview from one of the best journalists in the business. The long answer is that gas prices are super complicated and there's no quick solution. But lots of good info here.


Open world Math Blaster


Open world Mambo No. 5


Finished Picard season 2. A lot of the season was boring to me, but I absolutely loved the finale.


Mass Effect 3's ending is SO bad, y'all. Even worse than I remembered.


Top Gun Maverick is SO good, y'all.


I forgot just how great the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 is. This is like a Top 2 or 3 DLC of all time for me.


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