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Once again, I must apologize for previous misinformation. This is the RE4 Remake Regenerator.


I was informed that I was mistaken earlier about what an RE4 Remake Regenerator looked like. Here is the updated model. I apologize for any confusion.


Damn, Regenerators in RE4 Remake looking dope!


Follow up on the Roiland case.


Hopefully this doesn't double post.


So the new Villain for Destiny 2 looks like baby gravy and it is trying to, like, enter the the Traveler that looks like an egg. Is this really the symbolism Bungie is going for? XD


DrDisRespect embraces NFTs, a defining feature in his upcoming video game Deadrop.


If you eat today, thank a farmer. If its on your table, thank a trucker. If its a piece of ass, thank a stripper.


Sorry I haven't been posting hot takes. Here is Asmongold dunking on Ohio victims.



Accept my love or I will defecate on your lawn. Then I will put a copy of The Callisto Protocol on that. Then I will run it over with a lawnmower and spray grass, poop and The Callisto Protocol all over your home.


Am I the only person who watches YouTube ads for the ads? As soon as the video I wanted to watch pops up, I click out so I can watch another ad.


Do not screenshot this and post it in the comments. Thank you.


[Mam, I want a new Sanic.](You have Sanic at home.)[The Sanic at home:]


Zelda fan defends Tears of the Kingdom from criticism.


Nintendo, I swear, if anything happens to that dog in Pikmin 4... I won't stop bitching about it for days.


Liked She-Hulk, but that last episode did not do the character justice. The show weaves this story about what women go through, in particular those that are famous, and it builds up until she is vulnerable to society and her powers. Then *fart noise*


In Resident Evil 4 helicopter pilot Mike is shot down before he has the chance to tell Leon of that really good bar he knows. What bar do you think Mike was talking about?


Idea: A drug for your behind called Butt Crack.


The last video posted by Votesaxon07 was 11 days ago, I'm guessing from a scheduled upload.


Good morning! Looks like someone on r/gaming got Hogwarts Legacy early. Put your scuba gear on, cause were diving into the comments! Wonder what treasures we'll find.


You did it. You're a gaming god. Top of the food chain. You have the sponsors, the merchandise, the G-Fuel flavor, your face on a reclining chair, and your shirts still don't fit you right but no one judges you now. What opinion do you post on Twitter?


Had to see it to believe it. This is an actual tweet.


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