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This place is just so warm :3


When I talked to Stephen (JuIc3) and brought him back to Dtoid, I knew he had a lot to offer this place. He's a fantastic person with a big heart. I love him and Malika both! Here's to you #JuIc3Toid


That special time of year

I really do love apples Hi there, haven't seen you in a while! I'm sure that for some of you, it feels like it's been forever since the 'Wise Wolf' poked her head in here again. It sure doesn't feel like it's been that long for me, bu...


It would seem that disqus has perpetually pooped itself. RIP old friend, nobody will miss you.


Okay seriously, this winter stuff is bogus. STAWP IT!!!


It's very cold outside. I didn't want to have to bust out the heavy winter coat, but mother nature left me no choice.


Y'all make me feel so loved ^^ why did I leave again? Oh yeah, because of THAT guy. Yeah YOU!! Okay okay, so who's playing FFXV? I just love running around with hot guys all day!


Do you believe in ghosts? If not, perhaps you should...


Hypno fucks up like in a good way I think

This, is his story Once upon a time, there lived a brave Dtoider named "Hypno Coffin". Hypno was an obedient child, an often lewd yet tasteful degenerate of the strange and mysterious land known as Discord? How do I know this? I had a...


No mods in sight! The time is now, Destructoid! Rise up and take the server! VIVA LE RESISTANCE!!!


I was saddened today that a close friend of mine abandoned Hajime as his waifu. It's now up to me to save her <3 I won't let her down!


I don't know what to make of this. Random collections of 'spooktoid' and 'cat girls'. Jesus let's just call it 'throw a bunch of shit together' Friday!


I don't like the way my hair looks today. SOMEBODY IS GOING TO FEEL MY WRATH.


Never will forget <3


So Hypno Coffin has a very vivid depiction of what Carp should look like #discord


Living In The Past (Personal)

Seriously, people who compare Frozen to The Lion King are just sick Life is very difficult. It seems that no matter how old you are, how successful you are, how many friends you make, how much money you have, it's all irrelevant in th...


I step back in, and almost instantly I'm stepping back out. Gonna take some time to think things over. Just wanna say thanks for always being so rad, Dtoid! <3 See you cuties soon.


Dang I hear a really poor game came out today :/


Have you ever felt overly ambitious about something? Like a project you really invested yourself into, only to realize it didn't work out quite like you planned? Not a fun feeling. Nope nope nope.


Hmmm, HMMMM, hmmm....


So, I hear you guys like video games huh?


Happy E3 my beautiful children of the 'toid! Mama has been busy moving and exploring new career opportunities, but she loves and misses you all <3


It's official! I've adopted my 3rd Dtoid child!!


I walk outside and smell flowers right around my apartment. It's a wonderful thing!


Cat girls? CAT GIRLS??? Need I remind you all that there is only enough room in this anime world for one master female race???


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