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Over $2,000,000 in a day for that Atari VCS. And I think they could have massively increased that if the messaging focused on what the hardware can do instead of just their digital store. The amount of confusion around what they're selling is unreal.


Well that Atari VCS just launched on indiegogo and smashed its $100,000 goal in a few minutes. Still very little on what APU is driving it outside of being an older Bristol Ridge one.


Maybe an N64 mini might actually get released this year.


The original Unreal is free on Steam and GOG now


A few days ago Gamespot made this video going quite indepth on the Beyond Skyrim mod project(s). It's well worth the 14 minutes if you're a fan of mods. I'm looking forward to seeing these mods release somewhere down the road.


Rage 2 Gameplay trailer (kind of). Looks like fun though.


Not a thing I've tried out yet, but it sounds very promising.


Abe's Odyssey is free on Steam for a limited time. An add it to your library now, keep it forever type thing.


"nearly 1 billion hours on games in our Xbox One Backward Compatibility library" -- Microsoft "PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?" -- Sony


It looks like DToid has a serious problem with some malvertising forced redirects hiding in your served ads.


Looks like the team behind the Polymega are gearing up for an e3 info drop. They released a video this week of one of their boards being populated.


Went to the pub and got drunk. Pretty sure it'd be an S Rank. Here's what google decided to serve up on my return. I'm pretty sure they're trying to stir up rebellion on the QT


For all my buds at EA, Activision Blizzard and Valve


...he said before heading off in the direction of the nearest school with a pocket full of dime bags.


Belgium: Ofcourse loot boxes are gambling ffs! lol oh EA, you've clearly fucked it for everyone and yet somehow, they're saying of the 4 games they looked at, only BF2 didn't contain gambling.


Switch 1.5 incoming. (See also: Why you shouldn't use off the shelf chips in consoles)


The new Battletech game looks all different kinds of awesome. Expect a deep, immersive time sink. This is an hour of Christopher Odd going through it and it's just enough to get to grips with some of the mechanics.


"The gambling regulator called on providers of video games with loot boxes to make sure that their offering complies with Dutch regulations. [...] it would be taking enforcement action against all violators of the gaming law from June 20, 2018"


Looks like Not so Angry Joe managed to get the Street Fighter board game thing funded in a day.


RIP Steam Machines. Another good idea consigned to the dustbin because it was executed so poorly.


“We therefore reverse the district court and hold that because Big Fish Casino’s virtual chips are a ‘thing of value,’ Big Fish Casino constitutes illegal gambling under Washington law.” ESRB:Ruh roh


That Square Enix Steam sale is a mess. All of the Tomb Raider games for £20.60 or buy the special bundle packed with the worthless DLC (Conveniently, not individually discounted) with a 30% bundle discount for just £74.17! Sort yourself out Steam.


The only thing I can find mentioning the hardware for the Atari VCS is an AMD Bristol Ridge A10, which just confuses things even more. If the delay wasn't to switch that over to one of the new Ryzen APUs they've made a terrible mistake.


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