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The Games that Made Us

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the holiday bonanza that was 2011.  I look back fondly on 2011 as it was the year I truly fell in love with video games.  Prior, I had spent my gaming world really ent...


Looking to make a blog about the Destructoid community's favorite games from 2021. Comment below your top 10 games (in order) below and I will look to include your list in an end of year blog. Happy Thanksgiving!


Check out my review for the Artful Escape. While this game has an alluring art style and some charismatic characters, it ultimately fell flat in its objective to be a video game. Interesting superficially, but not engaging. Link in the comments:


The Artful Escape Review: An Identity Crisis

The Artful Escape’s psychedelic presents the sci-fi escapades of Francis Vendetti, a musician  who lives under the shadow of his famous folk musician uncle.  Francis is burdened with the public’s expectations of ...


Check out my Metroid Dread review! I liked it, but wished it did more to expand on the classic Metroid formula. https://www.destructoid.com/--642381.phtml#post


Metroid Dread Review: Polished, but Predictable

The influence of Metroid in the games industry cannot be overstated, to the point where the title is almost synonymous with “metroidvania” genre - games which seek  to emulate the highs of the classic 16 bit era, focu...


Eldest Souls is hard. Too hard. As someone who has beaten every Souls game, Eldest Souls veers too far into the realm of frustration. Movement is inanely slow and movement feels painful. There are challenging games that feel much better to control.


Played Resident Evil 8 for the first time over the weekend. Good God I've never gotten more motion sick from a game in all my life. Felt like I was about to hurl after 20mins. Adjusted some settings which somewhat helped...anyone else experience this?


Outriders Day One Review

Outriders is a sci-fi looter shooter in which you play as an Outrider, a member of an elite expeditionary force with superhuman powers.  Earth has become a desolate wasteland, and humans have fled to the alien planet of Enoch, wh...


Narita Boy Review: A Bygone Journey

There was a time when retro-inspired indie games were a novel concept.  Now, the market is flooded with computer games seeking to emulate both the presentation and gameplay of 80s and 90s gaming.  Narita Boy looks and feels ...


Tis the Season: Seasonal Association with Games

The seasonal cycle in the video games industry is consistent.  Typically, we see the biggest titles hit around the holiday season, indies are sprinkled in the earlier parts of the year, and during the dog days of summer we can go ...


Finally got around to checking out Gears 5, and it's bringing me back to my 360 days. Crazy that Gears 3 is almost a decade old, I've probably sunk hundreds of hours into the multiplayer of the GOW franchise.


Retroactively moving Cyberpunk down a bit in my top games of 2020 list after finishing it. I had fun with it, but there are so many things wrong with this game. The fact that the devs envisioned a 2022 release says it all.


Playing Immortals Fenyx Rising and FFVII Remake, 2 games I missed out on in 2020. Realistically I can say that these 2 would have made my top 10 had I played them sooner.


20 Music Tracks that Defined Games in 2020

A good video game soundtrack can make a bad game pretty decent, and a good game great.  We had plenty of great games this year, and in turn some great soundtracks. There were a ton of great tracks from games this year, and probabl...


My Top 10 Games of 2020

A lot went down this year.  While there was much that sucked about 2020, the games industry made sure that we had a ton of great titles to sink our teeth into while we quarantined at home for the better part of the year.  Her...


My AC Valhalla Xbox One playthrough has been more buggy than Cyberpunk. Game acts as if Eivor is tripping on mushrooms and crashes after 2 minutes each time I try to play. Broken.


Gears Tactics is a solid strategy game that quickly devolves into repetitive cycle of the same missions and maps on it's obviously padded third act. The side missions have bizarre difficulty spikes and aren't optional at all. It quickly burnt me out. 5/10


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