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Some sad Heroes of the Storm news got broken. No more HGC in 2019, and much of the game's development team is being moved away. Not unexpected but still sad. One of the few games I gave my all (too much even!).


Ending of Season 2, Episode 10 of The Good Place. Legit tears in my eyes. In gaming news, ... umm... I guess people have mixed opinions on Artifact's business model?


Some good political news for JCDent in the comments. In gaming news, I can't decide between Magic: Arena and Hearthstone. Do I want to get mana-screwed? or Activision-screwed?


Just finished reading the Mistborn trilogy. Feeling similar post-series blues as LotR. What a series :(


Just started The Banner Saga. It looks gorgeous!


I'm so glad that my OTP couple in My Hero Academia finally confessed their feelings for each other, and embraced their relationship. Yeah, S03E23 was great.




I'm sorry I must not have heard you correctly, Netflix. Did you just say "New Episodes for Archer"??


In honour of the playful crescent moon out tonight, have a Canadian tune.


What's the one game on your wishlist that you can't get yourself to pull the trigger on? I'm always *this* close to buying Heat Signature.


What have been your favourite INDIE PvP games of the last decade? I'd have to go with Atlas Reactor and Gigantic for team-based. Nidhogg for 1v1. And Towerfall for Free For All.


Phantom Doctrine looks cool. Will definitely buy upon 30% sale or higher. For Honor looks ... free. Let the (50GB!) download commence.


What are now "dead" games that you wish you could still play with your friends? (dead actually, like servers taken down. Or even dead figuratively, like Evolve Stage 2)


Everyone has diarrhea and is slowly suffocating in too much CO2. I love Oxygen Not Included.


Kingdom Hearts Orchestra was awe-inspiring. It made me remember exactly why I love that series. I had tears in my eyes. The music tied so many themes together, that one could almost believe that everything made sense.


Just a PSA to anyone digging into (or getting frustrated by) the large map of Hollow Knight: After you get a certain amount of Dream Essence, you will get limited teleportation ability. That + stag stations + movement charms should make it doable.


mad mad madlibs https://www.thebeaverton.com/2015/10/mass-shooting-in-usa-kills/


After 20 hours of play, my love of Xenonauts is finally waning. It definitely opens with a lot more freedom and options than XCom. A LOT more. But after 20 hours, all new tech is mostly numbers upgrade. It was a good run, but imma call it for now.


The only digital CCG I've invested time in was Spellweaver. I thought it quietly died ... but just found out it's still alive and now on mobile!! https://spellweaver-tcg.com/


Call me the patron saint of indie games cuz I just broke the effing bank to buy the good stuff: Boss 101, Virginia, Downwell, A N L Phone, (all four < $2) Chuchel, A Case of Distrust, Inner Space, Rise and Shine, Luftrausers, Edith Finch and Gorogoa. :DDD


Boss 101 is on a steep discount. Pick it up if you haven't already. I wish Slay the Spire was at least 50% off, but I guess it's too popular rn :/


I've been a bit distant from Dtoid lately. But when the world is shitty and I need good feelz, it's still the most supportive / non-judgemental community I can think of. Well, I'm back. Let there be rejoicing in the streets! And moaning in the sheets.


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