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Nintendo and Project Cafe

It's no surprise Nintendo is in a tough situation right now. For over a decade, they've been losing their grip on the market through a series of strange hardware and marketing decisions. The rest of the gaming world moved on to more 'mature...


Our Obsession with Graphics (second attempt)

This is my second attempt uploading this, for some reason it didn't upload last time I tried this. For my not-so-triumphant return to C-Blogging after a couple months' absence, I've decided to write about graphics. Graphics. The visual r...


Why Move and Kinect are Doing it Wrong pt 1

Note: Even though I'm not personally a fan of the Wii, this series explains why Microsoft and Sony could learn a little from Nintendo. On November 19th, 2006, Nintendo launched their next foray into the console market. It did away with co...


Welcome to My Blog (An Introduction)

Hi, everyone, I'm AvianFlame and this is my blog. I've been reading Destructoid stuff since late last year. Lately I've realized what a great community this is so I decided to join about a month ago. I completely forgot about doing C-Blo...


About AvianFlameone of us since 12:18 PM on 07.13.2010

Hi, I'm AvianFlame.

I've been gaming since before I can remember, growing up on NES and SNES games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario World. I own every Nintendo system exept the Virtual Boy and the Famicom, but I currently play Xbox 360 because my PC is kind of mediocre and the Wii... well... it's the Wii.

Read my incoherent ramblings on Twitter, if you want.
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