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Played Aperture Desk Job yesterday, it immediately re-opened my scabbed over wound that is the lack of any narrative Valve games (that don't require a thousand dollar investment). Pain™


Managed to play my first game of Hell Let Loose in well over 6 months and I forgot how much I absolutely love the hell out of this game. There is no greater joy than working towards a long-term goal with a team and seeing that goal come to fruition.


When the Orioles have a winning record and are on their longest win streak in the 21st century.


There is so much wrong with the world that needs fixing but I'm about to become the Joker over the Midwest's inability to make spicy food. "Double extra hot Italian sausage" should at least make me sweat a little bit, not reach for hot sauce.


20 years later and it still hits like a ton of bricks to the face.


Incoming Kino, just have to make it through another year.


Was it here that someone had a strong opinion about Rymd Resa or was it that other gathering of indie hipsters I associate with?


Just had a match of Hunt: Showdown turn into a multiplayer recreation of Metal Gear Solid 3. Deets in the comments, song related. I think I'm in love.


As predicted, Hunt: Showdown has engulfed my gaming time. I yearn to roam the bayou in search of otherworldly monsters whom I can stab with a pitchfork. Thankee kindly.


This is a general reminder to Konami that you can undo a lot of the pain you've inflicted by announcing a MGS3 remake in the Fox Engine for PC. Something to think about hm?


Finally, a Disco Elysium style portrait of Richard Nixon. I am whole.


This speaks so deeply to my soul that I wonder if I've been writing these in my sleep?


Hunt: Showdown is an immensely stressful and terrifying game. I think I hate it, which of course means I'll play it endlessly in an effort to best it.


We have reached another peak of the internet.


A #selfietoid to commemorate what will probably be the last ride of my favorite jacket and outfit combo. Thank you corduroy jacket, you served me well.


So Sora's magic is going to bleed out of him when he dies in one of the endings to Kingdom Hearts 4 and it's going to spread a plague that will start an apocalyptic event right?


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