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So like........Mario Kart 8 Deluxe selling SIXTY MILLION units is actually freaking insane


Respectfully, Zelda got shafted. Not so much the GOTY award itself, BG3 is absolutely deserving. But a game as good as TotK only winning 1 award? Doesn't sit right with me, not sorry


After finishing Spider Man 2, I the same way I did after Miles Morales. The actual "game" is better than ever, but the narrative just doesn't match the first. SM1 crafted a perfect SM story. Miles and SM2, while good, feel lesser overall.


Days like today, I miss the old D/Qtoid. Two levels into Mario Wonder, and I'm already sold, grinning like a kid again. Meanwhile, Spider Man 2 installs on my ps5. Days like today, if even for a short while...everything was good =)


I think one of my favorite parts of MK1, legitimately, is watching Johnny Cage and Kenshi become best friends.


So, this is the new Dtoid experience, huh. Half my page dedicated to shit that has nothing to do with the site.


So, I'm watching the Nintendo Direct now, and I gotta day.... HOLY CRAP! SUPER MARIO RPG IS GETTING REMADE! OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! It's one of my all time favorites =)


So, I'm watching the Nintendo Direct now, and I gotta day.... HOLY CRAP! SUPER MARIO RPG IS GETTING REMADE! OH. MY. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! It's one of my all time favorites =)


Hot take: I have zero issues with a locked 30 fps. Maybe it's because I'm older and have played tons of games at 30 and even lower, but it's far from a deal breaker. I prefer 60 like everyone else, but 30 is absolutely fine.


Tears of the Kingdom finale. HOLY @#$%! That shit was incredible. I think they've finally managed to make an ending that tops Wind Waker for me. Holy fuck bro. It's like, THIS was the BotW ending they wanted all along. Perfect end to an amazing game!


Rebirth......hook it directly into my veins. NOW!!!!!!


So, according to my Switch, I've played TotK for 110 hours or more. I know I've logged heavy hours since launch, thanks to being home from minor surgery, but damn. Lol. That's approaching my time with BotW, DLC included! And I still have 1 temple left


Tears of the Kingdom. Floating Colosseum. Holy fuck dude....


After a week of Zelda, all I can really say is.....the mad bastards did it again.


ZELDA COLLECTORS EDITION IS LIVE ON AMAZON, AND AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! Fuck dude, been trying for months to grab one, and Amazon comes through on release day. I have a copy coming today, but I think I'll return it and wait one more day


I'd honestly be fine if the next Mario movie took a page from Bowser's Inside Story, and made Bowser the star, with the Bros as supporting characters. It might be jumping the gun given how early it is, but Jack Black could ABSOLUTELY carry that film.


Peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches, peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches ARGGGGGGHHH! (If you know, you know.)


So, 17 hours into RE4. About 2 chapters left to go. My only issue with this game is the same issue i had with Remake 2 and 3. I miss the camp. I miss the banter. I understand why it's gone, but it was so goofy and fun, and part of why it holds up.


I think it's crazy that, in the year 2023,a legitimate argument can be made that the two best games released this year are Metroid Prime and Resident Evil 4. That's fucking wild to me. Long live the Gamecube!!!


Yesterday: "why isn't Nintendo showing off Zelda? Are they scared? Why aren't they hyping this thing up?!" Today, after watching the video: "they're gonna fucking do it again, aren't they?"


So, im about 12 hours into RE4, and I gotta ask...what the FUCK happened with RE3 remake? Remakes 1, 2, and 4 are so damn good, so damn faithful, and complement the OG very well. I like R3make, but man. At times, it feels like a whole different game!


The Last of Us. Great show, great adaptation. A beautiful, self contained story. It's a shame we'll never see more of where the story goes from here, but I love the sense of ambiguity the finale leaves us with. No need for a sequel. Nope. Not at all...


It needs to be said. The Fireflies are fuck-ups bro. The show only hammers that home even more. Say what you want about Joel, but I wouldn't leave shit up to these people either.


The Mario movie looks really good guys. Like, REALLY good.


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