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I found an old video of me playing whatever I feel like while wearing the Dtoid shirt (which no longer fits :/). It didn't get many views then, most likely the case now. But if you want to learn more about me, the best way is to listen to my piano stuff.


A Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo came out for PS4 and Switch. I played it quite a bit, and I think it's going to be a great game. Ultimate is quite challenging with new note patterns to wrap my head around, and lots of stuff to unlock.


The Emerald Warrior Ship -Boss- (2023): Working on an album called Hyperion II. The story is that after saving the galaxy in the first "game", Hyperion has become a wanted ship, and bounty hunters are after it to be claimed. It's going to be a boss rush.


Nicholas Satchell - Road to Nowhere: This is a song my brother wrote. One of my favorites. I contributed quite a few instruments to it as well, including the synth lead that sings alongside his singing. I will put an instrumental in the comments.


I find myself stuck in a loop of eventual "wanting to give up" on trying to be social. I want to share my music, but hardly anyone listens, and it makes me wonder if I'm bad at music, or people just don't give a fuck about it. Endless goddamn loop.


Enigmatic by Design (2014): One of my darker songs, written different than most of my music. The intent was to write a song that wasn't as repetitive as my usual work. Also, Conundrum and Bass 3 and (soon) Slumber will be on Digital Streaming Services.


Epic (2021): CHIPS IV is a really good album, and this is one of my favorite songs. I'm listening to my music more than usual, trying to determine some things. Hoping I can figure out a way to make it easier for people to find music they might enjoy.


Not sure what kind of album to work on next. I have a few ideas. "Super/Mega Chips", instead of 8-bit, I switch to either SNES or Genesis sound. Maybe Conundrum and Bass 4. Spectrum III, CHIPS VI, or perhaps something new and experimental. Thoughts?


I released a new album "Slumber". 10 tracks, free to download as always. These are chill tracks leaning in Lofi territory (basically my interpretation). One and only extra special bump!


Scheduled a physical for next month. Haven't had one since I was a teenager I think. Don't remember. Next month is also me and my girlfriend's 23rd anniversary. And then the month after, we both gain a year in age! Time sure does move forward, huh.


Exceptional (2023): First song of the new year. Written for the album currently called "Slumber". I picked up a new upgrade to my main instrument library, so I got some fresh sounds to work with in all sorts of styles of music. Looking forward to writing.


Health Check: If you've seen my previous posts about it. I don't seem to have trouble swallowing food at the moment. I can't find the "lump" in my throat that concerned me. Still going to see a doc. Gonna be 42 in March. Wondering how much longer I got.


New album "Ad Lib - Vol. 10, Part 1" has been released. 10 tracks, free to download. All the music I wrote last year for various albums, decided to combine into one Ad Lib. Enjoy :) Bump


Happy New Year :) I bought Elden Ring. Played it for 45 minutes so far. Runs good, controls feel pretty nice. I died twice so far, mainly because I misjudge the distance between me and the enemies :p I hope I stick with it.


Since I probably can't do three albums at a time, I decided to combine the tracks I've written so far into what will be Ad Lib - Vol. 10, Part 1 for next year. I just need to write one more track. Hard to focus on music and gaming at the same time :/


Merry Christmas :) have a random VGM cover I made :p I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and happy new year.


I treated myself this year. 512gb steam deck, 512gb SD card, God of War, Ace Combat 7, Potion Craft, Vampire Survivors, FFXII, and Hades. I also bought some inexpensive music stuff. Thinking about Elden Ring for 35 bucks. Personal Details in comments.


Gaia to Go (2022): First song for Conundrum and Bass 4. I'm working on three albums at the moment, which is fine. I'm taking my time, writing them whenever I feel like it. I wonder which one will release first next year :)


Steam Deck is a wonderful time. My only issue so far is that the text in Cyberpunk is way too small (and I have a bit of double vision which makes it harder to read). Playing games while in bed is a great experience.


My previous post hinted at this, in a surprising turn of events, I was able to get a Steam Deck. It's wild, and I have to figure out which games to install while I decide on an SD card for the rest. I also need to get used to the controls. Very happy :)


I picked up a sale of 10 drum and bass sample libraries yesterday. I wish I had it when I was working on the album. Guess this means Conundrum and Bass 4 is coming early next year :) I'll also be decked out for the holiday. Not blowing Steam ;) I hope.


Bloodstained is a really good game. It took a while to get into it, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Maybe I should get Elden Ring sometime since it seems to be a favorite, possibly even a game of the year? ;)


Lazy Day (2022): I'm in such a productive mood that I'm going to knock out this Chill album most likely before the end of the year. But as promised, I won't release any new albums until next year. Nothing like relaxing music after some drum n' bass :)


Ghost with the Cosmos (2022): After about a month of deactivating my Twitter, I can say that while it has been a great burden lifted, I also miss seeing what you guys tweet. I might try to write some more chill music before the end of the year :D


The Drum and Bass cat is back! Conundrum and Bass 3. 10 Tracks, free download. This is my last album for 2022. Thank you for listening. One and only bump.


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