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Bayonetta: Too sexy for official release dates?

It was a Monday afternoon like any other. I was browsing through the Xbox 360 games of a local game shop. I skipped over it twice until I realized what I actually found. Now it is here, on my desk. What I'm talking about is a copy of Bayone...


Birthday Time - Revenge of the Age Rating

Another year is over for me. From this day on, I'm 19 years old. But why does it have to be a monday? At least there were no exams waiting for me... Anyway, my actual party is on Saturday, so the only presents I got this far were from my...


Bunnies are bad politicians

Since some politicians are complete morons over here in Germany (drinking beer: perfectly fine - playing videogames: biggest sin of all), I think it's time for a little change. How about, say, a crazy rabbid taking over the lead position?...


Bunnies are bad at telekinesis

I could tell you all day how much I enjoyed playing Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party at Games Convention in Leipzig this year... But that would probably bore you to death so I just present you this new video. But to be honest: The latest R...


Nintendo Publishing: Slower than ever

We all know that when it comes to publish games, Nintendo of Europe has the habit of being kind of slow. And by "kind of slow" I mean seriously slow. Metroid Prime Pinball is an excellent example since this game came out in 2007 here. As ...


Bunnies can't play WiiFit

It has been a while since the last Rabbids video. But apparently, they're back. While I'm enjoying Sonic The Hedgehog on my 360 (Yes, the one with the awful loadtimes. AND I LIKE IT!) and The World Ends with You on the DS, the Rabbids got...


Alanar's January '08 Recap - I choose you, Edgeworth!

For me, this was a very expensive January. Many games found their way to my shelves, some games I just borrowed from friend. These are the games that I experienced this month. Games I bought this month -----------------------------------...


Rabbids, rave on... the PC?!

The picture above is taken from the homepage of the German video game rating organisation, the USK (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle = German Voluntary Monitoring Organisation of Entertainment Software (thanks to 3r0t1c n3rd for tran...


Bunnies want to be Santa Claus

Hey! A new Rabbids post here! And before you ask: I do not work for Ubisoft. I just like the cute little bunnies. Rated DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! for everyone. This time we have a bunny with a red nose. Is the little Rabbid drunk? No, of c...


There goes the time... RPGs and Puzzle Quests

And once again I won a video game. This time the contest was held by Microsoft. What did I win? Mass Effect for my Xbox 360. Since I wanted to buy this game anyway, I am very happy. The only problem is, that a game like Mass Effect needs ...


November Recap Part 2 - New Console Edition

This is the second part of my personal November recap. If you want to know what I mentioned in the first part, just look here. This part will cover the games I got this month after True Crime: Streets of L.A. as you can imagine. Dark Mes...


Bunnies can fall in love

Yay! More Rabbids stuff! My comrades are taking over an airport. But suddenly something strange happens... Something weird... Something... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Well, look for yourself.


Early November recap - Lots of game impressions

It may be a bit early for a recap of this month but since I already got so many games... This was (and still is) a great November. And that's not only because my birthday was on November 3rd. Be ready for a full package of impressions! A...


And how am I supposed to get True Crime 3?

So I bought True Crime: Streets of L.A. for my PC and during the installation process, this message appeared on the screen: Roughly translated: "Please insert the following disc: True Crime 3" It was hard to get it recognizing my True Crim...


Bunnies can't scare people

Happy DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHalloween everyone! It seems that the rabbids (including me) are a bit lazy today. Thus, there will be no special Halloween movie of rabbids trying to scare people. But since it's Halloween nevertheless, just watch ...


Bunnies can learn how to play DS

Some special footage from the DS-Version of my comrades' new game "Rayman Raving Rabbids 2". Now with microphone support for maximum DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!-ness. Watch the trailer until the very end! The DS may be not the Wii but the a...


About Alanarone of us since 10:09 AM on 07.24.2007

Since the Destructoid Random Title found it out already, I can admit it: I'm a Rabbid. So there will be some random DAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! in my posts. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

My hideout is in Germany. Also, my English isn't perfect. So if you have problems to read my texts, tell me about it. I try to explain what I was trying to write then.

As you can imagine, one of my favourite games is "Rayman Raving Rabbids". I really like wacky videogames. DAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Give me some "Armed & Dangerous", "You don't know Jack", "Rayman Raving Rabbids" or "Monkey Island" and I'm happy. Also, I like "Guild Wars".
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