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Hey dudes. Going through some shit right now. Looking for recommendations for games with my limited resources and tech limitations to get my mind off things. I'm broke as hell and running on a mid 2015 macbook pro. Thanks!


does anyone still play splatoon 2? I just got it and I'm really into it. If anyone wants to play my friend code is SW-4803-0295-9606


Another fucking fire emblem character are you fucking serious


Question for you smash ultimate players: what's your control scheme? I made some changes and it's making a significant difference


I hope you're doing well. You're a good person and you deserve to be happy.


So I'm working for Vice today and the president of Vice kinda lost his shit at me and my boss for something real small. My life is fucking weird and hilarious sometimes.


Hey everyone. Mike is currently in the ICU having more work done on his heart valve. He wants everyone to know that he's okay and that we should hear from him late tonight or tomorrow.


Big shout out to MeanderBot for sending me these dope stickers and a little extra. I will be slapping these around New York and taking pictures for you!


hey everybody. I just want to say thank you for all the love and support. I'm going to leave a bigger note in the comments (I also left it in the comments of our beloved Mike Martin's post). I just want you all to know I appreciate you. Thanks4everything.


Chaotic Good edit: post got deleted because qtoid hates me and wanted to ruin our friendship post


Happy bday Parismio! Hope you get some cool gifts, eat good food and have an excellent weekend. Live it up and get your peepee touched!


Happy birthday you wonderful torch of a man. May your gifts be plenty and your genitals be satisfied 🤟🏽


Went to my local piercing shop to put back some jewelry in my eyebrow and lip (I had to take them out a couple days ago for a lame gig). Turned into my unexpectedly having to get repierced twice in different spots. current status


somehow I ended up in a supposedly haunted house working on some ghost hunter show. my very short film career has thus far ranged from asian heart throbs to titties to ghosts. here's a pic of a stairway some lady hung herself in colonial times.


thanks for all the bday wishes y'all. got fried chicken, bourbon and Sekiro. I can finally read your posts and know what you're all talking about!!


I have officially survived to be a quarter century. Not sure what I'm going to do today cause poor, but I'm gonna do something. Maybe impulse buy Sekiro. I assume beer will also be involved. Haven't been active, but always lurking. Much love dtoid fam


can't comment directly but I'm also in Manhattan Major Tom's Coffee Cup. hmu if you're still around and wanna grab a drink


can't see or contribute to qtoid comments. oh well. just wanna say happy bday to our boi Limo and also shoot some love all over Mike's sweet face


#worktoid last gig was shooting a short film with some scenes set in a strip club that Belle Knox apparently worked at. I know you all know who that is.


I have shed my mortal coil and transcended into more than a mere man. Know that I watch over you from above and I see everything. EVERYTHING.


little to no sleep, unprepared for the freezing cold, and walking with a limp cause my foot is still fucked up. but I wasn't late for call time and I'm on set baby. I will remember the blood sweat and tears I've put in at this time of my life


been a real eventful last couple days with lots of cool, random things happening. that being said, my ankle is really busted and I'll be laid up and medicated all day. AMA! or leave me cute animal gifs/pics please cause this fucking sucks!


guess it really only hit me the other day that I'm legit doing the starving artist thing in NYC and that's sort of terrifying. it wasn't so daunting when I told myself I was just going with the flow and I'd be fine no matter what happened. pls send vibes.


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