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P2 Press Start:The Lone Wolf

I just got my start on here yesterday night. Obligatory introductory blog post aside, I started thinking about what to write. Someone in the comments (Hohojirozame) suggested starting with the monthly musing, I looked, and it's about multi...


No need to fear the Unknown(intro)

Hello everybody, longtime lurker but recent (as you've no doubt guessed) community member.I haven't blogged before, so I'll try not to botch this too badly.. here goes: I'm a pretty young guy. While some of you no doubt were lucky to be ar...


About Unknown Quantityone of us since 7:15 PM on 05.19.2011

Hi! I'm Unknown Quantity. I'm currently living in the Northeast US. I'm still in school, so I don't have much free time, but being a bit of a night owl helps me catch up on my favorite games. Which games,you ask? Most days I play some Brink or Tf2, but I also play strategy games like Galciv II and Age Of Empires II. I'll pick up singleplayer stuff from time to time as well. I'm starting out(for now) so ill get around to adding more to this sparse blog later.