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Last post, for real this time. I made one last C-Blog. I didn't quite want to leave without saying goodbye. Give it a read if you want. Otherwise, see ya on CoHost/Mastodon. https://www.destructoid.com/--675587.phtml#post


So Long Destructoid, And Thanks For All the Chungus

There's no way I can make a blog title like that without coming off as a bit dramatic. Just bear with me here. So I should probably note that progress on this blog was first made back in 2021. I've been trying on and off for the past c...


After everything that happened with DTOID recently, I think this is where we part ways. I along with many other community members have migrated to CoHost. https://cohost.org/Zalno But if you actually want to keep up with me, hit me up on Mastodon.


Y'all check out VIVIDLOPE yet? It's a fun time. And it's only $10. And it runs great on Steam Deck.


Got a $50 eShop gift card for my birthday yesterday. Got less than 24 hours to buy stuff from the Wii U eShop. Recommendations?


Lost internet access yesterday and the tech won't be out to fix it until tomorrow. Perfect time to binge Fallout: New Vegas on my Steam Deck!


Replaying Fallout: New Vegas on my Steam Deck after 10 years of never finishing my old PS3 copy. Seems to run just fine, but you'll need to use the touch screen to get past the installer window and first time setup popups.


Finally getting around to watching both Guyver movies with friends later tonight. I feel like at least one of them will be very into that one scene involving Mark Hamill.


The Council will judge you now.


Welp, Twitter don did a fucky-wucky, so here's my Mastodon page for anyone curious. https://mastodon.social/@zalno


I suppose I should finish BotW at some point.


Oh fuck, I just found my game OST of the year.


Also, Old Bay.


In case y'all were curious, here's proof that game devs don't get royalties for re-releases, so you might as well emulate the original game if you still have it.


So for those who've already played it, should I wait until SEGA removes Denuvo from the PC port of Persona 3 Portable, or should I track down a PS2 copy of Persona 3 FES and get that running on PCSX2?


TMW someone at The Pokemon Company got fired.


TIL that the devs behind Ultrakill added buttplug support because a furry YouTuber joked about it on Twitter. AAA could never.


My brother finally got me to play Vampire Survivors, so I suspect these metrics will change by the end of the week.


Tried to watch Elf for the first time in my life. Only got 30 minutes in before I had to nope out because of cringe overload.


Happy Chrimmus


Surprise surprise, the guy who won't shut up about Pokemon played a shit-ton of Pokemon. Brilliant Diamond was purely for the new ribbons. I'll have to write a blog about that whole Ribbon Master thing someday...


So. You got arrested at The Game Awards.


Just remembered that there was a Destructoid Discord that I'm unable to join. Either the link isn't working, or the server won't let me rejoin after leaving. Or I've been blocked.


Beeschurger in Paradise.


Top 5 Chunguses of Video Games, Ranked. Do it, Destructoid. I dare you.