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So for those who've already played it, should I wait until SEGA removes Denuvo from the PC port of Persona 3 Portable, or should I track down a PS2 copy of Persona 3 FES and get that running on PCSX2?


TMW someone at The Pokemon Company got fired.


TIL that the devs behind Ultrakill added buttplug support because a furry YouTuber joked about it on Twitter. AAA could never.


My brother finally got me to play Vampire Survivors, so I suspect these metrics will change by the end of the week.


Tried to watch Elf for the first time in my life. Only got 30 minutes in before I had to nope out because of cringe overload.


Happy Chrimmus


Surprise surprise, the guy who won't shut up about Pokemon played a shit-ton of Pokemon. Brilliant Diamond was purely for the new ribbons. I'll have to write a blog about that whole Ribbon Master thing someday...


So. You got arrested at The Game Awards.


Just remembered that there was a Destructoid Discord that I'm unable to join. Either the link isn't working, or the server won't let me rejoin after leaving. Or I've been blocked.


Beeschurger in Paradise.


Top 5 Chunguses of Video Games, Ranked. Do it, Destructoid. I dare you.


That moment when it takes every fiber of your being pulling in the same direction to not go horny on main.


For all of the new Pokemon games' many, many, many, MANY faults, online multiplayer with friends is a lot of fun.


Happy Birthmas, Seymour! I don't have anything clever to say, so here's a picture of my friends and I playing the Trogdor board game.


I'm thankful that my brother is still alive. After having a bit of a scare with his chronic illness, he was doing much better in the video call with him and our family.


Finally beat Grusha, the strongest gym leader in the game. Now I have four badges!


Finally got around to playing Bayonetta 3. Starting to think those games weren't meant for portable play given how far the camera zooms out for some of these fights.


The fact that a Destructoid alumni got a review of the game AND an accessibility rundown video out before any of the major websites is kind of amazing.


Don't forget to stretch your legs every now and then!


Fucking hell. The first voice of Batman I ever heard, one of my childhood heroes, dead. Today's just an emotional rollercoaster for me, isn't it?




Only thing I'll say about the leaks is that I don't think I've had as hard of a time building a team (in a good way) since Black/White.


Saw the uniform options for the new Pokemon games. Sometimes I can't help but think Game Freak chooses what features to remove first, then works backwards to come up with the theme/setting of the game.


Sometimes all you need in life is snuggling a close friend on the couch and watching a cute-lookin' Vtuber on the TV together. That definitely made my weekend.


Happy Birthmas, Chris! May your day be filled delicious snacks and foot.