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Welp, it's that time again!


Welp, guess I'm going down this rabbit hole now.


This game's on Kickstarter, but I really, really hope this ends up being real and good. It's giving me early PS2 platformer vibes (Jak & Daxter specifically) and I am fucking THERE FOR THAT!


I still abhor gacha games as a thing, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. Combat starts at 1:06 in.


Okay but when is Nintendo Switch Sports gonna add boxing? It's not the same if I'm not punching Hitler in the face. Incidentally, I remember why I put three different Hitlers on my Wii back in the day


Thinking about that one time Mark Hamill got violently TF'd into a cockroach monster and fucking died.


Just another reminder that Ubisoft perpetuated sexual assault for years, covered it up for years, and barely did anything since then. We still don't know how much Yves Guillmont knew.


TIL I learned that David Hayter starred in a live-action adaptation of Guyver (the sequel, really) that also had suit actors and stunt choreographers from early Power Rangers and Super Sentai/Kamen Rider. I kind of want to watch it?


Validating my decision to go with Violet this time around.


So, good news. Got my PCR test results yesterday. COVID test was negative, so I'm not dealing with that. Bad news is that recovery's been slow. Still dealing with a cough and stuffed nose. Anyways, y'all should watch Monkey Wrench. It's good.


Fighting off a cold I got after coming back from Power Morphicon earlier this week. Here's a shot of myself and a friend with Jason David Frank.


So anyways, here's where I've been last weekend.


Jeez, the comments I see on the Ooblets stories on Destructoid, Reddit, etc. And y'all wonder why I don't like the gaming community very much.


Meanwhile, I got an upskirt shot of the Space Shuttle Discovery yesterday.


Welp, this game's going to the top of my Steam Wishlist. https://twitter.com/nukefist/status/1558585484951134209


I'm one of maybe three people here who cares about this. Bionicle Spectacle Fighter game has me unironically hyped.


I just remembered that DioField Chronicle is a thing that's happening and that I keep calling it Dionicle for some reason.


So apparently being a furry for over 16 years means I'm a greymuzzle now? It's not an incorrect statement, but fucking ouch. If you don't know what a greymuzzle is, read my blog. https://www.destructoid.com/--497516.phtml#post/


Beep boop nyeh. Art by Volfmech. https://twitter.com/VolfMech/status/1550981670282706944


Pokemon Scarlet/Violet certainly look like a major improvement over Sword/Shield. Probably won't be as fun as Legends: Arceus, if these screens are any indication.


Can data centers just not? For like a week? Please?


All we need now is Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus for the FF7 Nostalgia Tour 2000 is complete.


I've honestly found more interesting game announcements from the Wholesome Games Direct than any of the bigger presentations this past week. Not sure whether that's due to cynicism surrounding corpos or vibing with the Wholesome Direct. Maybe both?


I remember seeing some mosh pit simulator game on gamedev Twitter yonks ago. What ever happened to that? Anyway, that game made by the GORN guys reminds me of that.


A'ight everybody, shut up, time for Devolver.