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I'm thankful that my brother is still alive. After having a bit of a scare with his chronic illness, he was doing much better in the video call with him and our family.


Finally beat Grusha, the strongest gym leader in the game. Now I have four badges!


Finally got around to playing Bayonetta 3. Starting to think those games weren't meant for portable play given how far the camera zooms out for some of these fights.


The fact that a Destructoid alumni got a review of the game AND an accessibility rundown video out before any of the major websites is kind of amazing.


Don't forget to stretch your legs every now and then!


Fucking hell. The first voice of Batman I ever heard, one of my childhood heroes, dead. Today's just an emotional rollercoaster for me, isn't it?




Only thing I'll say about the leaks is that I don't think I've had as hard of a time building a team (in a good way) since Black/White.


Saw the uniform options for the new Pokemon games. Sometimes I can't help but think Game Freak chooses what features to remove first, then works backwards to come up with the theme/setting of the game.


Sometimes all you need in life is snuggling a close friend on the couch and watching a cute-lookin' Vtuber on the TV together. That definitely made my weekend.


Happy Birthmas, Chris! May your day be filled delicious snacks and foot.


Another reminder that hype is a dangerous feeling that can/will hurt you when the thing you're hyped up about doesn't live to your expectations. Especially when it ends up being bad.


My favorite scene in that Sonic Frontiers prologue, for real for real.


Sony actively LOSING nearly 2 million subs since the PS+ relaunch is hilarious. Sure, blame it on third-party sales and people going outside, and not your confusing tiers or your refusal to add games people have been repeatedly asking for.


According to reliable leakers, at least one person got an early copy of the new Pokemon games. Might wanna avoid social media for the next few weeks if you care about getting spoiled, 'cos it's Leak Season.


I honestly don't think I can muster the energy or desire to write blogs about anything anymore. More in-depth thoughts in the comments.


Something something something furry shit. Art by Immelmann: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49408669/


On today's episode of Zalno's Insane Pokemon Bullshit, TRON stood out in a Pokemon Musical despite not having arms to hold props with.


The website has allowed me to speak for another day and I'm about to make it everyone's problem.


TMW you found out your friend got a picture of you trying to mock battle your friend for a photo op, but you get a face full of crotch. ._.


My butthole refuses to be silenced today.


It's official. The cheese curds were great in a sandwich. Also I'm now out in PennsylFuckingVania for the weekend.


Mad Food Science Experiment: Can a grilled cheese and salami sandwich be improved with cheese curds? Let's find out.


Seen this 30 times in a row this morning and I'mma watch it 30 times more.


As far as the Silent Hill news goes, I'd say "at least the originals are still available", but the original versions aren't exactly cheap. And the remasters can't really be run on modern systems. Not to mention they're pretty bad. :/