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I have felt a bit sorry for Microsoft and how badly the Xbone has been doing compared to PS4, but then I learnt that you can't use the damn thing out of the box without going online first.


In think I single-handedly inflated the comment section of the Banjo Kazooie reveal post to twice its size thanks to my outrageous opinions about video games. Nice way to kill some boredom.


Do we have any rules here on posting Patreon links? Because I have some friends who run a gaming cafe/bar who could use some support, so I'm trying to make their Patreon a little more visible.


For good measure and fun, I'm posting my Smash DLC predictions here so I don't forget them. Steve (Minecraft), Edelgard (Fire Emblem Three Houses), Luminary (Dragon Quest XI), a starter Pokemon from next Pokemon game and Monster Hunter. Any thoughts?


I almost didn’t notice, but I have now made 10 000 comments here (number 10 000 is this post’s comment section). After 7 and 1/2 years on Dtoid :D


So apparently I've managed to get myself a girlfriend :) Which is pretty great. Not meant as a brag or anything, but more like "If there's hope for me, there's hope for anyone out there feeling single and lonely, so hang in there."


We all live and learn, especially me. Still glad to be part of this place :) Sorry to those who took offence to any of my recent comments, none of them were intended to offend. There's a time and place for everything, and sometimes I forget that.


Wow. I can admit when I'm clearly wrong about something, but I can't remember feeling unwelcome here. I think that's a first.


I so want this to happen. He has earned it.


So apparently the movie is being sued but not by Disney, but by Sesame Workshop. I was close.


It would be a shame if my most recent Qpost was about me being inconsiderate and ignorant, so let me say that it's great to be part of a community that's so understanding and that helps me to learn :) Been here for almost 7 years now ^_^


So is the word "retarded" a No-word here now? Used it in a comment and now it says my comment is awaiting moderation.


Stop the presses! The SM64xOoT crossover mod is finally here!


Now I love Engrish as much as the next guy, but I do hope in the next Persona game that the person singing can actually pronounce the words correctly.


You know what I miss? Misquoting Steven Hansen when he made posts about lewd games so that he sounded like a pervert.


This might be the best Christmas sweater ever, and I must find a way to obtain it!


Sometimes I wonder what actually happened to Square/SquareEnix. Early 90s: 3 great main FFs in 4 years. Late 90s: 4 great main FFs and a great spin-off in 5 years. Afterwards it's been like 3-6 years between each main series game.


#TFW you realize that nothing's gonna happen with the girl you've been crushing on the for the last few weeks. Fuck, so tired of this.


I think the Switch is doing all right. I just found out that there's a porn parody of ARMS after all.


This is not meant to make fun of anyone, but I prefer the happy sounding version of Careless Whisper. Because I'm weird that way.


So guys, when are we bringing this back? I mean, come on, it's gotta be a gold mine, right?


So I get why people don't always reply to a message from a match on Tinder, but what's the deal with not replying but not unmatching either? Now the match is just sitting there all alone on my matches page, taunting me.


Them: "Sorry, we can't hire you, we don't have the budget for it." Me: "Ok, how about work practice/internship? I get work experience, and you get some extra help for free." Them: "...sorry, we don't have the capacity to train someone." Me:


Am I the only one who gets really annoyed when checking out Kotaku's Sunday Comics, and the characters featured in the header aren't "correct"? By "correct", I mean the most recognizable and zoomed in a manner that's coherent. Is it just me?


You know what's another great thing about Sonic Mania? No Homing Attack (aka cheat move)


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