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Diversity what what?!?: Black Mamba Edition

Hey you! Ever played a videogame before...? huh...? HUH...?! HUH....!?! Oh yeah, I bet you have. And I bet there were boobies and men with big muscles and everybody was white and you fapped yourself into a frothy mess over how muc...


Realism Vs. Fantasy - Who Wins?

What's the measure of value that we aspire to when it comes to a game's setting, backdrop or visual style? Do we think a game that is more grounded in reality makes for a 'better' game, if so, why? Admittedly when I write 'better' I'm usi...


The gradual drift away from the mainstream

Lately I've been feeling as though my attitude towards gaming has changed. Not so much that I feel as though I want to stop playing games in general but enough to make me feel as though my gaming tastes may be changing, if only ever so slig...


Retrospective: Sweet Home

I find it immeasurably hard to write about Sweet Home, though I love the game and feel it's largely been overlooked by gaming culture I also know that in the past it has had a lot of attention from horror enthusiasts � anytime there's a Hor...


CROSSOVER: Mario X Siren

And the original (much larger) Mario always sounds so goddamn chipper all the time in his games, for no apparent reason. It bugs me, nobody's that happy - atleast not without medication. The only way I could really think of to break som...


Why Do We Still Have Exploding Barrels...?

The Following is an In-depth Study into the History of Exploding Barrels in the Games Industry ...or just some words on a page that vaguely make sense! ;o So why do we still have exploding barrels in videogames? Anybody? Anybody know ...


Is There Horror in The Ugly...?

What makes good TV, films or games? Is it just about fantasy fulfillment, or is there more to it? Do we just look for the perfect or do we also look for the complicated, the difficult, the realistic in our fiction? In horror, it's often th...


Boss: Learning the Tools of the Trade

And the original (much larger) A rare glimpse behind the scenes of where bosses come to learn their trade - I mean they must all learn it from somewhere, right? Somebody obviously must be teaching them all these conventions and contrived...


The Fourth Wall and taking games seriously

So lately I've been thinking a lot about the Fourth Wall in games and more specifically how that relates to how seriously games take themselves, after a desire to replay MGS4 caused me to think about the Metal Gear Solid series and its rela...


Are You Always Online?

A couple of days back I had some trouble with my internet: it suddenly cut out inexplicably. It turned out in the middle of switching providers our previous provider had shut us off before we'd even had a chance to switch over, and thus no ...


Hype: Aliens Vs. Predator

There aren't many franchises I keep tabs on, in fact I can probably name them on a hand or two (mine or yours, doesn't really matter), there are fewer still series that I approach with anything less than pure scepticism at announcement an...


Retrospective: Siren

Horror games don't always do well, it's a hard genre to make work just right; unlike, say, racing games or action games where aesthetics and atmosphere are secondary to the mechanics horror is all about atmosphere; a game can be great horro...


To shoot stuff or not to shoot stuff?

That is the question. Whether it tis... ok screw that, I won't bore you with a bad Shakespeare joke! XD But I thought I'd ask the question which seems to be getting more and more pertinent in gaming today: Do we really need to shoot stuf...


In Retrospect: System Shock 2

I typically tend to write about big issues in gaming, long-running trends or themes about gaming as a whole but from time to time it's interesting to take a step back from modern gaming and examine some forgotten gems of classic videogaming...


Character Design and Choice in Games

In the last generation or so of consoles character design has become increasingly important in games, not just in the sense that characters need to be well-designed to be appeal to players but also in the sense that player choice in the mat...


Where you go Isometric-Strategy Games?

With a new Syndicate game on the horizon and an X-COM reboot in the pipeline you might be forgiven for thinking we'd fallen into some sort of time-warp and been whisked back to the giddy heights of the early 90's - where mobile phones are t...

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Skyrim: Impressions

I've had Skyrim about a week now, and though there's undoubtedly a ton of blogs, articles and reviews out there already that probably go into a lot more depth than I ever could about Skyrim I thought I'd write down a few of my impressions o...


About Panzadolphin56one of us since 9:54 AM on 05.06.2011

Oh hey!

I'm former male model and celebrity nutritionist Panzadolphin56. This is my blog. I write things here.

...in case the blog bit didn't give that away.

Anyway! To the left you'll find my latest blogs, and beneath this you'll find a fairly comprehensive list of most of what I've written over the years (unfortunately some stuff does eventually get bumped off the list.)

I like to write from a fairly critical standpoint about games, usually analysis or talking about issues that interest me, I also do retrospectives from time to time, talk about games I've been playing, write the funny things that come into my head, and very occasionally do some crappy art.

I hope you enjoy what you read!

I also do Lets Plays (mostly old horror games) so if that's your thing then click here:


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A little about me:

I am mostly a story person, good mechanics are good mechanics but button pressing never does anything for me. I like Horror, I like Cyberpunk, I like Neo-Noir (especially crossed with Cyberpunk), I like good art and good writing, I like games that cut against the grain or choose to challenge social or industry norms in some way.

I don't have a single favourite game but I am a big fan of the MGS games, Snatcher, the Forbidden Siren series, Silent Hill 2, the old-school Resident Evils, Advance Wars and Power Dolls, among many, many others.


Critical Pieces:

How ugly should Horror really be?
Of Inventories and Horror Games
Crafting A Good Game of 'The Thing'
Alien(s), Creative license and Borrowed Ideas
Crossing from TV/Movie to Games
Scope and Depth in the world of gaming
Boss Battles - When do they ever make sense?
Survival Horror Essentials
Colonial Marines: Well, that kind of sucked...
Disability, Disease in Games
Blood 2 and Post-Modernism
Topics, Tropes and Atmosphere in Horror games
Realism Vs. Fantasy - Who Wins?
The gradual drift away from the mainstream
Is There Horror in The Ugly...?
The Fourth Wall and taking games seriously
Are You Always Online?
Hype: Aliens Vs. Predator
To shoot stuff or not to shoot stuff?
Character Design and Choice in Games
Culture Vs. Creativity: Where do Stories come from?
Where you go Isometric-Strategy Games?
What's the Point of Games?
Do Horror games even still exist...?
Why are Characters Always so White...?
Choice in Games: Heavy Rain

A Magical Dolphin Plays:

The King of the Wood


Resident Evil Remake
Aliens Vs Predator 2
Sweet Home
Forbidden Siren
System Shock 2

Pick up and Plays:

Call of Cthulhu and the Spectre of Good Horror
Story Books and Nightmares in Rule of Rose
B-Movie Bliss: Extermination
Along for the ride with Michigan: Report From Hell
Some thoughts on Wargame: European Escalation
Skyrim: Impressions

Funny/Less Critical Stuff:

Get Yo Summer Game On
Lazyblog: Box Art
Escaping into the Darkness of Hellnight
Diversity what what?!?: Black Mamba Edition
Why Do We Still Have Exploding Barrels...?


Dead Space 3, in a nut shell.
CROSSOVER: Mario X Siren
Boss: Learning the Tools of the Trade

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