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Building a Better MineCraft...

-lifted from my website shoobop.com as it's one of the less 'rambling on about crap' things I've written- If you've spent any time online but not only on Facebook (or even on there in some cases) you'll have heard of MineCraft, an endles...


About Timbo Jayone of us since 6:53 PM on 04.30.2011

Hello boys and girls! My name is Timbo Jay!

How are we all today? I'm glad to hear!

So you want to know a bit about me? Nosey little buggers ain't ya?!

Right well I live in the city of Newport in South Wales, UK. I'm 23 (almost 24...I'll no doubt forget to fix this till I'm 25) and have been a gamer since the age of about 4 when I was given an Atari 2600, from there my love of gaming only grew, I still fondly remember the first time I played Mario (I was about 6) on the NES (oddly a good 2 or 3 years AFTER a friend had shown me a Mario Bros. Sticker Book, with no idea it was for a video game I still loved the designs even then). These days I jump between low end PC gaming (wonders of a sucky PC) and all 3 current generation consoles (soon to be previous gen if E3 goes as it sounds). I have a love hate relationships with RPGs as I love them to death yet I've only ever finished 2...and they were the easier Zelda games (Link's Awakening and Twilight Princess), although I have a deep love of adventure games playing and finishing all the Lucas Arts adventure games except Loom (not too sure why, I need to go back and fix this!) as well as playing through the first 2 Broken Sword games countless times (and thanks to the iPhone I'm doing them both again!).

I'm very much into my online gaming although I enjoy co-op games much more than versus (as I tend to suck at them) so if you fancy getting my Xbox Tag, Wii Friends Code, or PSN Name (hahahaha if it ever gets back online) feel free to bug me for it!

What else is there to me?

Ok well for the last year and a half I've been deep in the indie game scene as an artist with a new found love for Pixel Art, I'm not the best but apparently I'm not the worst although in true Indie Game Development fashion none of the projects I've taken part in have made it to completion which is a shame.

I guess that about rounds up my gamer side, one last thing though, I am dyslexic, thanks to spell checkers this isn't a major issue but no one has invented a gamma checker (the total misuse of ',' no doubt proves this) so I can't promise I'll put everything in the right place sorry doods and doodets!

Oh and feel free to check me out on www.shoobop.com!
Xbox LIVE:Ch0vY
PSN ID:mr-moriarty
Steam ID:timbo_j


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