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The Silent Protagnonist...Why I Don't Mind You

Unfortunately, this post is not about Destructoid blogger "The Silent Protagonist". I apologise for any confusion. I'm a Man/Boy of few words. I don't talk alot. I prefer the company of things that don't judge me. Therefore unfortunately I...


Gaming: An Education...Of Sorts

I like games. I wouldn't be here writing if I didn't like games. In some ways, I feel the education of my life has been running like a train track. On one line, the education that I need for my real life. Science, Maths, English etc. On the...


Handhelds : The Story...Of My Life

My home life has been a strange one. My dad has Pick's Diesease (a very unique form of dementia) and my mum is a hoarder (linked to O.C.D) so in fact, since late 2009, I have never had a console, and only then it was a PC ( I have recently ...


Are horror games...too disturbing?

I think this is the perfect way to describe this trailer. Either that or completely fucked up would be the best way. Weblink If I think what I think I think, then I will have completely failed at trying to link the video up at this, but pl...


The Art Of Pig Kicking...Freedom Of Expression

Yes my friends. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Zeno Clash. I only really buy games which have a unique appeal. I have been prone to a few GTA's but I have almost practically avoided FPS, no doubt the dominating giant of game...


My Time...At The Arcade

I walk in (well duh!). I take in my surroundings and realise this is my kind of place. I've been saving up for this holiday and I can't think of anything better to spend money on. I head over to the Change Machine. Feed in a �10 note. 10 �1...


The Forgotten Genre...Resistance

I thank you guys for wishing me happy birthday so I give you all a bagel. Ooohh yumm, salmon. Anyway time to stop the stupidness and be serious. Now here comes the wave of "OMG, how can it be forgotten when there is a game called Resis...


It's My Birthday Today!! ... +AWESOME GAMES!!

Yes everybody, today is the day that I turn 15 years old. Unfortunately I haven't any presents besides the ones my mum ordered for me on the last day of the Steam Summer Sale. And I will tell you one thing...they are beautiful. This was ...


Games...are they missing enjoyment?

Is that the best way to explain this post? Last Sunday I went to go and see Transformers : Dark Side Of The Moon. BAYGASM!!!! Now this was my introduction to the Transformers series, although I sat through half of number 1, then fell aslee...


Delusions of a young gamer...Have I missed too much?

As I wrestle my time between trying to motivate myself to revise, actually revising,pretending to revise while watching the TV or playing games or surfing the internet, and full blown "game-out" time, I've started to notice something. Ever...


The Nostalgia Factor...Does It Still Exist?

Here's the thing with Duke Nukem Forever. (This is just a hypothesis) I believe that the only reason that has sold copies is because of the legacy of Duke Nukem 3D. The Destructoid review was told from the point of a gamer who cannot or ha...


Hey Guess What? ... EA's F**KED!

So after posting that piece of crap last week, that I called a blog, I headed to the mountains of Tibet, became a Buddhist monk while living in a cave to find myself and the answers to the universe. After 83 years, I still had no answer, w...


Assassin's Creed...Ubisoft's Masterpiece

There are four series that when you think of ubisoft, and the choice represents what kind of gamer you are and they are: 1= Rayman. This means you are a gamer who still remembers when Rayman was good and you have a small soft spot for gam...


A Day In My Life...Well Afternoon...Gaming Addiction

3:30pm - Waiting with my friend at the bus stop, half-heartedly listening to how he has gotta get to some place to get some weed for some awesome party he's going to on Sunday. I haven't slept much and I had a maths exam so I don't really c...


I Think It's Time For Me To End PC Gaming...='(

It's a sad day. I feel ashamed. There are two reasons why I probably must stop PC gaming. 1 "I don't actually have a PC, I have a laptop" 2 "I just don't have enough money" This problem arose when I bought Brink on PC and when I install...


Mafia II...Unfairness

The Mafia is cool. From "Omerta" in the Old Country to the Street Wars in America, The Underground Legacy of the Mafia is one that inhabits the corners of the mind. A society based on loyalty, honour and family, yet also on violence, lies, ...


P2 Press Start : Sibling Rivalry...Asterix and Obelix

It's 2002. I am either 5 or 6 years old. While everyone else is wearing their Nintendo 64's into the "gaming grave", I have something magical. I have a Gateway laptop. I have Windows 98. But none of that matters. Why? Because I have Asterix...



Anybody listen to The Offspring? If you do, I salute you fully because they are awesome. End of story. This has nothing to do with the post, but I can't let their genius not appear on a blog about music. To me, the soundtrack of a game is ...


Emulation...Good or Bad?

I recently found out a song called "DO A BARREL ROLL" and can't stop listening to it. I then found out it was from an old N64 game called Star Fox 64. Normally I wouldn't be able to play it and so I would've never played the awesomeness. Bu...


Pokemon...The Big Scam

Pika Pika Dtoiders!!! So, I'm afraid I'm doing another rant. I really have no idea if anyone is even going to read this, but I can't think of anything else to do while I wait for the 2GB patch for Total War: Shogun 2. (Please note; this i...


The Old Generation...Good On Ya!!

Ahh the old generation. The ones who had gaming soul, where they could be happy for bashing a pixelated head in or making a little yellow ball run around collecting dots while running from multicoloured ghosts. But as gaming becomes more ad...


Fighting Games...What's wrong with me?

I'm ashamed of myself. Really. I don't like fighting games. I don't mind them at the arcade (if any still exist) for a pound for 3 lives and some furious button mashing, but I still can't believe people spend �30 or more on a game that is j...


Linear games...WTF?

Okay I was going to wait until Tuesday, so I could have a structured, organized system but I really couldn't be asked to wait. Recently, after weeks of saving, spending, saving, spending, I finally bought Minecraft. After messing around an...


The Gaming Community...What Went Wrong

Anyone here played Plants Vs Zombies? A great game and an even better time waster, but could you imagine playing it online? �Oh My GOD!! Dude you are such a fag, you planted a peashooter instead of a repeater!!! You suck at this game so muc...


About PK493one of us since 2:53 PM on 04.12.2011

Alright, let's try this again.

My name is Alex. I'm 15 and I hide in my dark corner of the internet writing a so-called "blog" here on Destructoid. I think far too critically of myself which has reflected on my personality, as I'm cyncical and highly critical of...well a lot of stuff.

Anyway, games. It was all about the GameBoy Advance when I was young, and have grown up on an unhealthly diet of portable gaming (GBA,DS,PSP), a recent introduction of console gaming , lots of fictional media, and yummy food.

I'm lazy and very day-dreamy, non-committal and kind of temperamental. Plus I get distracted easily...I'm really painting a rosy picture here aren't I? Still, if you stick around, (I'm hoping) you may find something of quality here, and who knows, I don't think I'm THAT bad, right...right?

So yeah, vidjo games.

Deus Ex Human Revolution
Batman Arkham City
Portal+Portal 2
Mafia II
Total War:Shogun 2
Rayman Advance
Pokemon Crystal
Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis
Super Mario 64
House Of Dead III

Also, I have twitter now, even though I now feel like a complete sell out. Follow me and see how uninteresting I can be.


Xbox LIVE:PK493
Steam ID:PK493


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