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I don't know if this needs to be said for anyone playing Elden Ring, but if you're considering a STR build, or started as a Vagabond, do yourself a favor and level into enough END to dual wield some greatswords. They absolutely STEAMROLL the early game.


Haven't played Elden Ring yet, but I did finish the Witch Queen story on Legendary in Destiny 2 and thought that was pretty fantastic. In about a half an hour it's Elden Ring time though. Glad I finished that beforehand!


Here's my number one gamer Pro Tip! Your backlog doesn't exist if you don't give a shit. Don't stress over it. Play what you enjoy playing when you think you'll enjoy playing it. Embrace the chaos! A discussion with a friend brought this about. More below


Replying today to comments in Neo's Destiny post...it makes me realize that despite how much I love this game, it can be REALLY hard to recommend to people. I truly do love Destiny, but it's convoluted as hell, most especially to new players.


Coming back to Destiny...I've missed a LOT. The conclusion of Season of the Chosen saw me enveloped in the love story of an android man and his old warlock lover while battling a Hive God and her forces. I think I'm all caught up before Witch Queen now!


Sifu is hard as hell and I love it for that. I wonder how long will it be before people online start bitching about it needing a difficulty slider like they did for Sekiro? With Elden Ring around the corner, whatever will they do?


Well shit. I guess it's time to play Destiny 2 again. I've missed my Hunter. I think he's missed me too. About damn time. Let's see if I can get back to that 16.0 K/D ratio like the old days.


Rainbow Six Extraction is hard as shit. But then again playing with randoms, I've so far been the ONLY one to utilize my drone and scout ahead into areas. So that's probably why it feels that way. I like the MIA idea for failures though.


I forgot to do this. Now Deep Rock Galactic would likely be number 3, but oh well. I'm surprised I played D2 more than Returnal, actually.


Holy shit. This so far has turned out to be everything I wanted it to be and more. A project that essentially IS oldschool In Flames and Dark Tranquillity put together sounds exactly like what it is. Great way to start today.


Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much, Alpha. This means a whole, whole lot to me and really made my day. I've been showing it to everyone around me because of how proud I am of this and of YOU for your amazing talent. Thank you.


Man, this Deep Rock Galactic game sure as hell is addictive! This feels like a game made for me. And I guess it kind of is a game of my people. Seriously though, I've been playing the hell out of this thing and I love it.


Here's Xeo's top 5 of 2021. 1: Resident Evil VIII(Village) 2: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 3: Returnal 4: Back 4 Blood 5: Tales of Arise I still haven't played Metroid Dread, so I can't put it on my list. Runner Up is Monster Hunter Rise.


A huge thanks to Turbokill for the awesome Secret Santa gift! I wanted this thing pretty badly, and the inclusion of the TMNT poster means a whole, whole lot to me! Thank you so much, buddy!


Leveling up my Black Mage in FF14 now, and WOW! I love seeing these gigantic damage numbers. It's so satisfying. I was intimidated by the complexity of this class initially, but now that I'm past that it's so great! I still want to try Bard and Warrior.


This is a long shot, but does anyone here want to trade my $10 Best Buy gift card for your $10 PSN Currency? Trying to buy something on sale and you can't buy digital currency with the Best Buy card...


I apologize for being absent a lot lately. Thins have been busy, I got promoted at work! But also I've not been feeling well mentally lately. Exactly one year ago today I got the call that my father had unexpectedly passed away. (More below)


Arcane has been an absolute treat for my wife and I as two long-time League of Legends players. But I feel like even if we didn't have that attachment that it would still be excellent. This is seriously great! And my man Viktor got a big role!


It's been in the works since right before the pandemic happened, but my wife and I FINALLY got our D&D characters finished and will be playing with a large group over discord soon! So excited!


Took the boy out trick or treating tonight. Not a lot of folks giving out candy due to A: My town's parade going on actually on Halloween (It's always usually the day after) and B: Covid. But we still had a good time and he still got a haul.


This video makes me so happy. Rich Campbell's laugh gets me every time.


New rules laid down for FFXIV. And Square pretty much endorses erotic RP...lmao. Glad some of this stuff has been clarified though.


That feeling when you have amazing sex that leaves you emptied out and glowing from the inside...but then it's time to crunch dense Biology homework for hours instead of taking it easy. God-fucking-dammit...


Back 4 Blood melee build is in full effect. And you have to go full blown degenerate to do it. Meth Head and Mean Drunk are the two main cards in the build...lol. It's fun as hell, and effective on Veteran. I dunno about Nightmare though.


Trying to formulate a suitable Elezen name for my FFXIV character and so I do some research. I find some info on name generators and look into them. And find this nonsense. I think this is fate intervening!


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