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Here's Dunkey's take on Forspoken. He raises some pretty good points. Made me reconsider the game. Maybe we were all too hard on it?


That oldschool groove to pull me into this weekend. I remember first hearing this album and song and thinking "Ooooh, that is fucking Naaasty. I love it." What my lovable wife likes to call "That dirty shit." as she once proclaimed during a concert.


When Horror is Horrific: Turn the screws tighter.

This has come up multiple times in recent months for me in random discussions. It's something I wanted to weigh in on simply because I find it a very fascinating discussion. Horror as a genre can do many things to different people. It ...


Why does literally everything feel and seem more fun in FF14 as a Lalafell? I really should have tried this sooner. Every single time my character does an emote of some sort I start giggling. And I sound straight up like Teemo from League of Legends.


I just realized today that I've somehow miscalculated my own goddamn age. I kept thinking I was turning 40 soon, but I'm actually turning 39. Shit. Either way I feel physically like I'm 79 and mentally like I'm 29. This is a major fuck up, even for me.


GODDAMN! The new Obituary album is fucking brutal. I'm not too much into a lot of the over-produced death metal that gets released these days. But Obituary keeps it oldschool, can always rely on them. This is the kind of stuff I miss so much.


Is there a way for us to get notifications back somehow? It's made it a lot less interesting to take place in discussions when I can't really see any replies unless I dig through each individual post.


I got some new brushes today and I've been doing a lot of thinking. I think I'm going to try The Army Painter's Speedpaint line. Any of you more experienced model painters have opinions on these? I've been doing a lot of research, and I like what I see.


I've finally acquired and began work on the Kill Team I wanted from the start. (When I found out Leagues of Votann don't have official KT rules anyway.) Legionaries! This Balefire Acolyte looks great. He's gonna be fun to paint soon.


19 years ago to the day I started dating the woman who would eventually become the rock of my life, the mother of my children, and my wife. My person. This is the very first photo I ever took of her on that day, and kept in my wallet for years.


Destiny does it again. Another season, another awesome exotic weapon quest. This game does not get enough credit for it's raid/dungeon/quest design, seriously. This one is right up with the Dead Man's Tale quest in it's scope and breadth of puzzles.


Well, I got to thinking. What are my top 5 games of 2022 that I've actually played? 1: Elden Ring (Without a doubt, zero contest.) 2: Deep Rock Galactic 3: Evil Dead: The Game 4: TMNT: Shredder's Revenge 5: Tactics Ogre: Reborn


The Balancing of the Scale. (A life update, I guess.)

(Allow to be blunt here, this is long and gets pretty personal. I completely understand if you do not read it!)The past few years have been pretty rough on most of us. I'm sure almost all of us could agree on that, right? Living in con...


I played video games! I thought Elden Ring would have been my top game, but I forgot that Destiny 2 was actually good this year. My top 5 were Destiny 2, Elden Ring, CoD: MW2, Deep Rock Galactic, and Red Dead Redemption 2.


I don't use spotify and do most of my music listening the old fashioned analog way at home or in the car. But my most played artists and albums that I can recall will be posted all the same below.


I've been struggling to get together a competent Intercessor Kill Team together for a while now. I have very limited resources and for whatever reason, of all things, Space Marines are difficult to find for me. Looking for a bit of help or advice.


Well despite any technical short comings, I am greatly loving my time with Pokemon Violet now that I've been off of work long enough to actually play it! And it's the first Pokemon game in years to give me a legitimately difficult choice for my starter!


Tomorrow finally ends the 6 day straight open-close workathon crunchamania 2022. Then on Tuesday my wife goes in for what is hopefully her final back surgery. I'm gonna eat some trash and take a shit to celebrate.


Seeing the outrage against Adam Sessler's recent Twitter meltdown has me almost in tears with laughter. Both that it happened and how unsurprising it is - But also from some of the shit Adam said. Mom jokes abound...lmfao. This sounds like me at times.


So I'm broke and have to wait to finish my Chaos Marine Legionaries team until I can afford it. So instead my kill team will be Ork Kommandos. And they're awesome, but some of these pieces are really tough to glue together cleanly. And mold lines...ugh.


Well, here's my first attempt at painting a mini, ever. I practiced on a snap-fit Ultra Marine that came with a beginner magazine alongside a Necron. I'm pretty pleased even if I now realized I missed some details like the inside of the shoulders.


Happy birthday to what is very likely my absolute favorite album ever recorded. Every single track is an absolute banger from start to finish. Above the Weeping World was released on this day in 2006!


OK, so for those experienced. I need some tips on assembling my Warhammer minis. Never done any that weren't snap pieces. Don't wanna fuck up my expensive plastic here. Any of you folks mind helping a nub?


It's time! I've waited decades to finally start. I had literally hundreds of dollars in MTG trade and decided now was the time.


I guess sometimes being the weird kid in the corner who says a mixture of off the wall horseshit and outlandish takes on things has some benefits. No one wanted to post while body swapped with me. I was at work anyway and seemed to miss the fun.


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