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Malthor shared this with me and it must be seen by all. Please do your part in sharing with friends, loved ones and enemies alike.


Rewatched Chinatown this weekend almost a decade after seeing it for the first time and I definitely didn't appreciate it as much as I should have when I was younger. Just superb noir writing. Shame that Polanski is who he is though. #DankFilmToid


After Disco Elysium rocked my world, I've been in a bit of a slump, listing from game to game trying to find a similar pull. Others who have gone through this suggested "a video game ass video game," so I've fallen back into The Ascent. It's such a gem.


How do you solve the issue of sweaty meta builds popping up post turn 10? Just win on Turn 10, duh.


This was a tense white knuckle battle of wits and weapons that went all the way to the end. It all came down to Frosty winning by having one spice while Bass had none. Sign of a great game when you can have fun even when in last place.


Bass wasn't lying, Super Auto Pets is good stuff. Just the right amount of psychological tension and strategy.


Rainbow Six Extraction is pretty fun. Don't know how long it will be appealing solo but it's plenty fun with friends.


Its been half a day and I'm still laughing at this.


God help me I think I'm starting to crack Caves of Qud. I actually leveled up and got relatively deep into the first quest and only died because I got brash. Really putting the spurs to my 2070 Super and Ryzen 7.


In the hustle and bustle of yesterday, I neglected to wish y'all a Happy Holidays, and thank my secret Santa for keeping me safe on the bike trail!


Finished Disco Elysium last week and I'm still compiling all my thoughts about how much I loved it. Started The Witness afterwards and my god does this game have its head up its own ass. I'm enjoying it but some of these puzzles are needlessly tedious.


Played my Switch for 31 hours this year. Watch out all you casuals, there's a real gamer amongst you.


I can't believe 343 would set up Halo for failure like this...


Watched Little Murders last night as part of my continuing dive into the Criterion Channels focus on NYC stories. It was as pitch black as they come and had just enough of that 70's raw feel to drive home the senseless violence. An instant favorite for me


Current status as I finally return to Disco Elysium after 2 years away:


This is both one of the best things I've seen on Reddit in a long while also making me so mad that I want to scream.


Continued my post-Replicant decompression by getting back into Renowned Explorers this week and I forgot how well designed this game was. There's so many great design choices here that cause you to think strategically and pragmatically and it's wonderful!


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