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I'm barely an hour in and I'm already back on the bus ride home from school on a cold winters evening. It's dark out because the sun sets before I get done with band practice. The light of my SP is bright and I wonder if we're having pot roast again...


Y'all weebs should be playing Disco Elysium so we can debate which thought skill is best girl.


Happy Birthday Panda, may you be as happy and relaxed as this panda yourself!


Partner and I finished our 3rd full rewatch of Hannibal. I regret to inform you that the final 5 minutes still turns me into a blubbering mess. It's just so beautiful and perfectly made for me that I almost lament its end.


In THIS HOUSE, we only play happy music on Friday nights.


Naughty Dog thinks they can claim that The Last of Us is some masterpiece of the medium but where's the wall running and grapple hooks hm? Necromunda: Hired Gun has both, therefore it is better.


Best movie I saw this year was Neptune Frost, an Afro-futurist cyberpunk musical about a hacker commune striking back at a world that used them for their resources. Second place is without a doubt Petrov's Flu. Literal fever dream in post-Soviet Moscow.


Marry Christmas to all! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Secret Samta this year. I gave all but 3 of the badges to your Disqus accounts. If you don't see it on yours that's because I couldn't find a comment. Please comment in this thread


It has been two days and I'm still in desperate need of this on a sticker.


I feel bad that Nolan is releasing his latest attempt at a banger on the same weekend as this guaranteed kino (no I don't).


I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this. One boot coming right up. (Edit: oof that compression, full image in the comments)


Glad to see the secret samta gifts making their way to the recipients. Keep sharing your bounties! Song related.


Hewdoggy. Tetris Grand Master is a doozy. Not only is the ramp up the fastest I've seen in a game, but the limited slide/rotate after a piece touches your stack is jarring to get used to. Feels like a nice midway point between modern and NEStris.


Merry #cursedmas everyone! Please remember to keep images in the comments of your posts so that those who don't want to see them aren't forced to.


Back by popular demand, Secret Samta is happening once again! Sign up link is in the comments. We'll be drawing names TODAY! I'm going out for some groceries and will draw the names when I get back. Last chance to join in!


I knew that maybe, just maybe, if I was a good enough person that one day the devs behind EYE: Divine Cybermancy would be allowed to make a game that crosses Doom 2016 and WH40k with a grapple hook thrown in for good measure. I'm glad it came true...


A little late to this but what's the interest level for a community secret santa this year? If there's a decent response I can get one going here by the end of the week and pull names next week at some point.


Watched Dark City for the first time in a long while last night. It's always so sad when you watch something you loved years ago and it just doesn't hold up any more. It's a stupidly beautiful movie aesthetically but my god was that story ass.


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