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Look what I got at work! And it's friday! FREE FAPS FOR EVERYONE, NO STRINGS!!


Just saw this, and now I love Paul Rudd even more.


Have a look at the shitty apartment I'm working on while I avoid anything End Game. I mean.. shower and a sink in the bedroom...


Found some old drawings I did when I was a teenager. As you can see I'm quite the artist.


Notre Dame in Assassin's Creed Unity is still one of the most amazing recreation in any video game. The attention to detail is incredible.


I'm gonna go watch Us then continue playing Sekiro afterwards, thnx


Spend all week painting the upstairs of a hipster coffee shop white and dark-green. Time for weekend and playing some KH3, RE2 and trying to find a skunk for uncle in RDR2. Hope everyone have a great weekend!


Re2 1 shot demo done on Xbox. I'll save the PS4 demo for later tonight. Damn this game looks good.


Merry Christmas everyone! My sister and I posed for a #cursedmas for you guys, Wish the costume had a beard, instead it had a bad wig :0 Hope you all have a great couple of days of Christmas fun.


Did the My PS4 Life thing. Guess I like Bioware games a lot.


Wow, the guy who lives in the apartment I'm painting met Pat Morita!


I just sneezed so hard that my gum flew out of my mouth and landed on my shoe.. my last piece and I think I have coffee breath!


Sometimes you can find weird or interesting things in old basements.


Tried to grow a beard, didn't like it so I shaved it. Made sure to get a mustache selfie for #selfietoid


I'm in a new work-related basement! This one has some sort of... cage!


Anyone play around with the new Xbox avatars? This is me, I guess! Watch out I may set my mood to flirty!


Welcome to ancient Greece where there's a strong possibility you'll get Spartan kicked head first into a quarry while your ancient Greece underpants is showing!


My boss: Mr. NinjaFace tear down this wall! Me: SirNinjaFace, smash!


About SirNinjaFaceone of us since 8:25 AM on 02.13.2011

Hello *waves* my name is Jesper and i live in Denmark (one of the countries that's trying to claim the North Pole! go team)

I've been playing videogames since the 80's (yeah i'm that old) starting with a Commodore 64, what a beautiful mess that was ...Load ,8,Run? ahh shit i can't even remember.

Anyways i actually played C64 all the way up until the mid 90's (true fact) when i finally decided to get a PSOne! Oh man i loved the PSOne, from then on i've owned all the home consoles.

My favourite kind of games are story driven single player experiences, i don't mind cutscenes in games! i like chatty Cathy's.

My favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne.