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The 14 Hours Of Borderlands 2

PTEW! PTEW! Let me tell you about an eventful evening. An evening of unboxing and playing Borderlands 2. An evening of playing Borderlands 2 for 14 hours straight. 15:00 I arrive at my friend`s apartement. He likes to call himself Stevie...


Readers' Review mon Amour

Once upon a time I used to read IGN-reviews, specifically the section "readers' reviews". On the one hand because I believe them to be really informative (in their sum, as a kind of intersection of opinions) and on the other hand because o...


BOSS: a boss is a boss is a boss. boss

I perfected the use of my move-set in training mode and fought a seemingly endless roster of increasingly difficult foes. I have mastered the inherent system of action and reaction, it all makes perfect sense, i am in a state of Flow. Mih...


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