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Dragon Age 2: Life in Kirkwall so far

No need to consider this an official review, but after twelve hours or so I’m just going to describe some of my Dragon Age 2 experiences. I played through DA: Origins twice as a rogue. I tried as a mage once, but it was not fun for me. Howe...


When Trolls Become Journalists

In hopes of an actual intelligent conversation, I am providing a point by point response to the article published here regarding Jonathan Holmes’ comments on David Cage and Heavy Rain (http://www.destructoid.com/heavy-rain-creator-really-li...


GATTACAST episode 8: Bad Games We Love

Jesse & Mandy talk about bad games that we enjoyed. Game talk: Deadly Premonition, Uncharted 2, Spirits, Beyond Good & Evil Bad Games We Loved: Deadly Premonition, Alpha Protocol, Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire, Harry Potter, plus some ...


Tell Me What Bad Games Do You Love

On my next podcast (GATTACAST), we are going to talk about some games that we had tons of fun playing, but concede are actully quite bad. My personal favorite is Alpha Protocol. I don't know if I could recommend it to anyone in good conscie...


Living in the Renaissance of Gaming

Now is the time to play video games. Perusing game site message boards and forums could lead one to think video games are terrible and the industry is all going downhill. There is an abundance of complaints about too many sequels, “dumbing-...


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