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I want to like Hitman's Freelancer mode, but it requires a guaranteed hour of uninterrupted playtime.


What happened to the Wakfu franchise? Last decade it looked like it was trying to become a juggernaut, but instead it fizzled out. Was it all because of the declining quality of the cartoon?


I've started watching Youtubers play New Vegas for the first time and passing Moral Judgement on them based on how they handle their first encounter with Nipton.


Signalis didn't really click with me. And Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 didn't really click with me. And Rain World didn't really click with me.


Replaying Lonesome Road reminded me why people like Chris Avellone shouldn't be given a platform to voice their unfiltered opinions. I was happy to reduce Ulysses to ash, but I wanted a good way to explain why everything the straw man says is idiotic.


Do people actually buy tools or do they just inherit them from family members?


I have to admit, playing Metroid Prime on a portable console is pretty cool.


I think I've been mixing up Jeremy Irons and Michael Ironside for years.


If Jesus was a vampire how did he survive on the cross for several days in the sun?


It's taken a while, but I'm all caught up on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now I can finally hang out with all the cool kids who watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Why does everyone have an uncle Frank?


My favorite April Fools Day tradition uploaded.


I've finally binge watched all of Camp Camp but have no one to talk to about the show because it's been three years since the last season.


I refuse to leave this bed until I've beaten Age of Calamity.


Hot take: Dean Martin is a better singer than Frank Sinatra.


What is the Letterboxd of video games?


So let me get this straight, not only did they get rid of Leon's sexy jacket, they gave Ashley an ugly jacket.


Man, what even is Pinhead anymore? What's the point of a villain who can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants? He doesn't even have a motivation, he just does bad stuff.


I feel like replaying Psychonauts, but I don't want to deal with any of the levels, I just want to run around the summer camp.


What's the best game to play on your phone while you're taking a shit?


Thanks Daylight Savings, it feels really good to wake up to go to work when it's still dark out. /s


Just once I wish the superstitious villagers would explain in a calm and concise manner why they think the castle is haunted. Then they can act indignant when they are ignored.


I really need to stop watching other people play Hitman, it's always infuriating. For some reason filming the game makes people unable to read basic instructions or understand what "stealth" means.


I had this bad feeling as I neared the end of 13 Sentinels that the finale would be disappointing. And I was right.


What the Hell was in the burrito I ate on Friday? I feel like a mule kicked me in the stomach.


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