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There aren't enough neon pink things in the world. Some might say there are already too many neon pink things in the world, they are wrong.


I haven't looked through my reaction image folders in forever.


Last night's vampire movie was "The Addiction", a movie that I would bet money on is the most pretentious vampire movie ever made.


Boy the internet sure thinks this immoral, patronizing, lying, manipulative, greedy, selfish con-man is telling the truth and is completely of sound mind in this one line, despite absolutely nothing to support it.


In Silent Hill, there's the town of Silent Hill which is otherworldly and full of killer monsters, and there's the Nightmare Dimension which is otherworldly and full of killer monsters. I don't get why, narrative-wise.


I should have been paying better attention to the waifu/husbando war from earlier this week. I only mentioned Persona 4 instead of a full proper list.


Waifu wars, eh? Well in that case: 1. Chie is best girl. 2. Rise is best girl for Senpai. 3. If you cockblock Kanji you're a terrible person.


I have beaten Metal Wolf Chaos XD and saved America.


Heathers: the Musical wasn't as good as YouTube animatics led me to believe.


Five hours until Friday the 13th is over and it looks like I'll get through the day without anything unlucky happening to me. Yep, nothing bad will happen to me at all, not a thing.


Tonight's vampire movie is "The Night Flyer", a Stephen King Joint.


If I ever write an autobiography I'm going to title it "Here is a Cropped Photo of my Face".


I don't think I want to partake in anymore Yoko Taro related media, life is too depressing already.


I regret thinking Nier: Automata was bluffing when it said it was going to delete my save.


If Destructoid is looking for listicle ideas it should do a "best sandbox games of all time" list, because the rest of the internet doesn't know shit. I saw one list say "Just Cause 4" was one of the best sandbox games of all time.


Combat data needs to stop being a thing in video games. Even if combat data is something that exists in real life I refuse to believe it's as an important and expensive McGuffin as it is in video games.


If I've learned anything from Mystery Science Theater 3000 it's that small town America is some sort of horrible purgatory where excitement goes to die.


Tonight's vampire movie is the 1978 George Romero film "Martin".


I will use my knowledge of forbidden magicks to combine red delicious apples with star anise, for evil!


It's been two years and I'm still obsessed with Disco Elysium.


This indoor smores maker I got for Christmas is just a glorified hot plate. And smores are not worth the effort they take to make.


Maybe there should be some standards for images posted on Qtoid.


So Eric Van Allen posted a news article about the new FFXIV patch, but the only way I can see it is by going through a different article, and I don't understand why.


My New Year's resolution is to conquer the planet and subject humanity to my iron-fisted rule.


Happy New Year Qtoid!


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