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Saw Venom. Better than most DCCU movies, not as good as most MCU movies. Interesting middle ground consistent of “It’s a’ight.” Not great but wasn’t anywhere close to being as bad as the reviews say.


I’ve finished Hollow Knight at 30 hours, 103% completion and achieved the og “True Ending.” Few games achieve what that game did; it’s truly a beautifully crafted world and a work of art at that.


Fuck, I must be going crazy. I'm applying for a job at Rockstar Games... wish me luck.


Alright, alright I admit it; Spider-Man is really very good.


Stolen from an unusually positive YouTube comment: For those still bummed about the Direct delay, just think, when the Direct finally hits, everything they show will be at least a few days closer to launch!


Now that Next Level ain't working on Federation Force, how about a new Strikers Charged? Man, this game was full to the brim with personality.


I'm all for "Don't preorder" when there's a bunch of content locked to it, like Red Dead 2. But I don't understand why that would apply to games that don't do that, especially niche games that would actually really benefit from being preordered.


Having gone back and looked at lots of old comments regard A Hat In Time on Switch, it's amusing and interesting to see how perspectives have so drastically changed. I'm very curious to know how GfB managed to make it happen when it was a big no before.


Preface: I'll always be happier a game is landing on Switch than not, but with some games being digital only and some only getting physical copies in Japan, I have to wonder what the physical/digital sales ratio is.


I’m having a pretty lousy day and I have to wait for my shift to start so feel free to #AMA


Gears For Breakfast news stream starting soon! https://www.twitch.tv/GearsForBreakfastOfficial


There's something about playing co-op with someone you truly love in Monster Hunter that brings a fleeting, but very real sensation of happiness out of you. If you find a partner who genuinely enjoys video games as much as they enjoy you, cherish that.


Been brushing up on old GoW story content since having seen the last of the new game. It's a pebble being dropped in a sea to say it but I do definitely miss Kratos' old voice delivery and overall angry personality. Good as it is it's far removed.


Overwatch on Switch is ‘feasible,’ says Blizzard. Well, I mean, duh. It’s a marginally powerful handheld console with internet capabilities. Of course it’s feasible. People have been saying that for, what, a year?


It all makes sense now! Filip is an Echo Fighter for IGN. This is just a viral marketing campaign for Smash Ultimate!


Seems I have no choice but to get the Jak games on PS4. I ain't getting an external device just to make my PS3 agreeable with my Elgato. Y'know, for all the love Sony gets, they sure make some backwa-- nvm. Now I know how y'all feel about Nintendo.


A friend is lending me their Apple Pencil until I am able to afford another for myself. Thank heaven, I've missed drawing.


Regrettably, I've lost my more modern tablet pen somehow and I'm probably not going to be able to afford another for a while. I can still use my old pen for drawing tho. Sucks, but them's the breaks I guess.


So with more primarily online games coming to Switch, such as Fortnite, Paladins and most recently Warframe, can we NOW get an Overwatch port?


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