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It was really fun reading all the posts from my last QPost! You guys never cease to be awesome :)


You ever think back to older posts and realize you used to be kind of insufferable online? Or is that just me? 😬


So my PS5 occasionally likes to make a very audible “buzzing” noise. I assume that’s the cooling fan kicking in. Sometimes it’s a low hum but more often than I would like, it buzzes. Is this normal? Is there a practical fix?


Played Spidey and Spidey Miles back to back on PS5. Living proof that cinematic games don’t have be boring and obtrusive like most AAA games. So much passion and creativity and they look gorgeous in 60fps. Also I like Peter’s new face :)


So... I have a PS5 now. Story is in the comments (or will be soon, as of this post)


Wanna just say how much I appreciate the community here. Haven't really been consistently posting because life and mental problems but man, you guys really do have a way of making me feel less isolated. Thanks for being awesome DToid. Y'all rock. \m/


Hey boyos, so Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 collection is out in Australia in Xbox and we’re trying to figure out if buying that through our American Xbox One is possible. Microsoft’s chat service rep isn’t terribly helpful, so can y’all shed any light?


Played Hellblade. It was good, but it’s a better story than game. Kind of ironic for a studio like Ninja Theory. Looking forward to the sequel tho


Mario Maker 2 not having online friend lobbies is actually so bad that I'm fully on board with the online criticism this time around. Now that online is paid, it shouldn't be gimped in any capacity. Absolutely unacceptable choice from Nintendo.


So now that the carrot’s lawyer is going away, think maybe the fans will acknowledge that maybe the carrot itself is dirty?


Just finished Evil Within 2. Pretty good game and story, I just hope the writers have the good sense not to make Castellanos the playable character if Evil Within 3 ever gets made.


This thanksgiving will be one to remember primarily for how awful it was. Just kill me now then resurrect me when Smash is out and no sooner.


Please don’t shop on Thanksgiving. All it does is perpetuate retailers actively trying to keep their workers working and away from their families. This is the first Thanksgiving I cannot spend with my family or have an actual dinner for because of the j


Lol I honestly never thought I would see the day. https://gearnuke.com/dead-or-alive-xtreme-3-scarlet-censored-ps4/


As someone who really struggles to finish Pokémon games, I’m finding it quite easy to stick with Let’s Go. It’s very cute not quite as tedious as other entries. This is definitely not for everyone, but it’s pretty good for the casual itch


I am about as offended and concerned about Mr. G&W’s feather as I am about it being removed. Take that as you will!


Even in the worst of times, there’s beauty to be found. These two cuties are based on two of my favorite people. I hope y’all like it. Probably won’t post another for while (blame Bass!)


Quick question, typically when I venture onto DToid with my iPad it’s quite a struggle to interact with comments. I have to reload the page constantly because the “Reply” and “See More Comments” buttons just won’t work. Is that a DToid or Disq


You’d think there’d be more coverage/rage over this censorship situation with Sony. Say what you will about Nintendo’s localization policies but they have not done anything to affect the content of other devs for a very long time. Sony’s off the d


The preload on Battlezone nets you the game 15% off, which is pretty neat. Do I go for it or hold out for a physical...?


Cool thing about TWEWY is being able to play one-handed while sick as a dog and wrapped in a blanket. This game looks really pretty in this format. Motion controls need some improvement tho.


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