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Quick question for any LA locals or people who have stayed there. As a foreigner, how is Ayres Hotel Anaheim? If its not good, would you have any recommendations of hotels for someone looking to go to Disneyland in LA (September)


Might just be me, but I think it's best to keep thoughts and opinions of Resident Evil 8 (and any new game) in the comments, that way people can go into the game with zero expectations and have it go up or down based on personal preference.


Haven't been on here much, been busy going through my backlog. I hope things are going well for everyone. Here's a Spider-Man screenshot.


So I didn't get to play the original Nier back in the day, but I recently played Nier Automata and loved it. With Nier Replicant coming up, I gotta ask, is Nier as good as Automata? and would I enjoy it?


If anyone likes the 80's, 16Bit, fun combat and synthwave music don't sleep on Narita Boy. It's a damn good game and it's out on Gamepass, along with most other platforms. Give it a try maybe.


I have some questions about Demons Souls and was wondering if anyone can help for whenever I get a chance to play it. I'll leave the questions in the comments.


With that Yuffie episode in FF7R, is that extended lore? Or are they making things up? I haven't played the original.


Gonna try that Code Vein again. Wasn't fully on board in the PS4 demo, but maybe I will be on PC. I remember the menus and items were confusing, but hopefully it's straight forward the more you play.


Okay, Yakuza Kiwami is now completed. Spoiler thoughts in the comments.


Chun-Li on a Light Cycle. Dreams really do come true.


Started up Yakuza Kiwami. Not too far into it yet, but I'll leave some thoughts in the comments.


We're about to have 3 Splatoon games before 1 mainline Metroid game.


Skyward Sword looks to be 60fps now, so that'll be pretty neat, especially for the motion controls.


I have a feeling I know what specific game could be in the direct, but I'll say it in the comments because I'm fairly confident, and I don't want to spoil surprises if true. Nothing major though.


Yakuza 0 is now complete, and I'll leave my thoughts in the comments. TLDR: It was great.


Still chipping away at Yakuza 0, just doing the last club for the Cabaret stuff. It's a lot more hands on than the Real Estate mini-game, which is more set and forget. I like it, I've just been doing so much of it at this point.


The real estate stuff in Yakuza 0 is just a whole other game, huh? I haven't gone back to the main story in a while because I've been too busy getting that keesh.


Chapter 3 and 4 of Yakuza 0 are completed. I'll leave some thoughts in the comments.


Yakuza 0 Chapter 2 is now complete. I will leave my thoughts so far in the comments.


Wrapped up Chapter 1 of Yakuza 0. It's early days still so I don't have too much to say yet, but I'll have some rambling thoughts in the comments.


The universe really doesn't want me to play the Yakuza series. I'm getting some weird bug in Yakuza 0 on PC where the controller will disconnect from the slightest vibration and now I don't know what to do.


Catching bugs on the side of trees for the Critterpedia in Animal Crossing is an internal nightmare from which I cannot escape.


So if someone was to start playing the Yakuza series, what game should they start with? I saw that 0 is a prequel made after 5, so does that mean you should start from Kiwami?


To anyone with Covid, are you doing ok? This thing hits people different so I just want to make sure everyone is ok.


With Cyberpunk on base PS4, as blurry and choppy as it is, I'm amazed it looks as good as it does. Definitely not how you'd want to play it, but I'm impressed at how much of the visuals are kept intact from that 2018 demo and running on this system.


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