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Hunting a Rathalos in expedition mode, getting him near death and having him leave the locale is the Dark Souls of Monster Hunting.


34 hours & 57 minutes into MHW I gave my huntress a nice fringey Louise Brooks-style bob. Face it - a large part of a MH game is styling your hunter. The other part is hitting Anjy on the head 'til it gives up its front teeth so you can fashion lewd armor


Went searching for LEWD taco pics but found this instead. The Internet is truly a place of wonder.


Good news: I'm saving $14 off the retail price of MHW. Bad news: the Amazon delivery window is all day until 11pm. Better news: I have 5 sick days available & the flu is going around at work; in my case it's the Rathalos strain.


New Metal Gear game for Nintendo Switch confirmed


Listening to Chelsea Wolfe and reading about the Eltanin Impact (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eltanin%20). I need this solid combination of doom & gloom to make it thru my workday.


Gamestop is selling The Witcher 3 Complete ED. for $24.95; their used copies are $44.95. Guess which one they sold out of first. Also, Agents of Mayhem is totally worth its $10 price tag.


Guts can't save everyone.


#XmasToid Who loves Xmas music? Why, you do, of course! So here's something to help you get in the mood for this very festive season.


2B is the robot you *want*, but Aloy is the robot killer you *need*.


This the trailer for Peter Jackson's new film called Mortal Engines and it's the most anime-looking live action film trailer I've seen all day.


The Frozen Wilds subtley reminds us that Yellowstone caldera in NA is a giant supetvolcano that will surely plunge much of the world into darkness. Also, I finished TFW expansion over the weekend. It was hella good.


A few quick thoughts on that MHW beta: mounted felinxes are very handy & enjoyable to watch in action. It's very easy to get sidetracked with alt boss-level beasties; open world games should never *ever* have time limits, mission-specific or not.


Link never looked better in this stunning Gerudo ensemble!


Maybe I'm outgrowing video games. New console prices are starting to seem outrageously high to me. Maybe it's my sexy new wife and cute child and all the financial responsibilities that come with that level of adulthood.


Is there a way I can learn this power?


Order something from Amazon today to receive a very warm bonus gift for the holidays this year.


Sitting in my car, playing Phantasy Star Nova, nursing a migraine/sinusitis, waiting to start my workday, hurting your eyes with shitty sentence structure, comma abuse:-P


About ikiryouone of us since 6:08 AM on 05.02.2007

About Moi:

The funkily-spelled term 'ikiryou', per Wiki, 'refers to a spirit that leaves the body of a living person and subsequently haunts other people or places, sometimes across great distances'. Now replace the word "haunts" with "annoys". I like more game types than I can think to post here, which makes for an awful backlog of epic proportions. The picture below is a poorly 'shopped representation of me holding my backlog list.

I've been gaming since Defender was only available in an arcade. The first video game I can remember playing (non-arcade) was a Defender clone on some sort of godawful Tandy computer. It could've been a Trash-80, I'm unsure since it was middle school. Then my parental units bought me several LED/LCD-based handheld/tabletop games (Pac-Man and Zaxxon) which were totally not actual video games.

Around the same time I discovered goth/heavy metal/thrash/new wave music, which I thought my parents considered a loud tool of Satan(!). So I naturally consumed it like tasty unrefined Red Lyrium and turned into a frothy-mouthed red demon or something.

I am currently demoniacally possessed by an Xbox, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, a PSP(slim, CFW 6.61), a pearl-white DS Slim, a Vita, and the New 3DS XL...and an ungodly backlog which I've *totally never mentioned before* in this profile.

WiiU: necrovelveteyez
Gamertag: MatsugoNoMizu (my XBL Gold account hath expired...bummer)

My Rotating Playlist for 2016>>>

WiiU: Xenoblade Chronicles X
Vita>> Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2, Phantasy Star Nova, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice Delta
3DS>> Monster Hunter 4U, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Xenoblade Chronicles
PS3>> MGSV (FOB nonsense), EX Troopers (Lost Planet)
Xbox>> Far Cry 4, GTAV (yes, still)

Favorite Music: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Fever Ray/The Knife, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Metallica, Austra, Myrkur...seriously, you should be working on your backlog instead of reading this shite.

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