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Video games are the only true cure for the COVIDs. You don't even need to leave the safety of your house to obtain this cure.


99% of all PC problems can be erased by just uttering this mantra in the dark


Picked up Tides of Numenera on sale and hopefully will be textually bullshitting my way out of a good bit of combat tomorrow.


Considering sending CDPR a copy of Saints Row 2, a game with katanas and the ability to ride a motorcycle while wielding said katana. A game released in 2008. The AI in SR2 is even better. I mean sure, it's an RPG and definitely not GTAV.


Let's try this again lol. Post patch 1.1 - Cyberpunk 2077 on base PS4 is running at a nice steady framerate/30fps+ (during driving) with textures loading in at around 3-15 seconds (still sucks). Lighting looks more vibrant. It was never the hardware.


You got some cojones, V.


What's the mystery DLC? Framerate stability? Instantly-loading textures like 99% of other PS4 games? News announcers who don't interrupt songs on the radio *in the middle of the song*?


Getting pretty salty the more I think about the rapidly increasing possibility that CDPR just walks away from console versions with the money they've still got. Allowing games to be released before their completion was a mistake *ABORT ABORT*.


Rage 2 is apparently better on Hard mode than normal. The open world is still pretty damn empty and in dire need of roving, marauding ill-intentioned bandits. Blaming ID for this, since Avalanche has proven it knows how to make an open world feel alive.


Maybe Polygon's writers need to find a hobby they'll find less emotionally taxing


I've been playing the original Rage and am happy to report that it still holds up both visually (at least in character model quality) and in action. I'm pretty anxious for the sequel next week.


I shockingly managed to get a physical copy of Shakedown Hawaii for my Vita on Friday. Now I just need to play the "OMFG USPS IS GONNA LOSE MY SHIT IN THE MAIL" waiting game.


Sonic is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog with a serious PCP and cockring addiction. Does it really matter what he looks like?


Deciding whether I should preorder Rage 2 via Amazon or Gamestop. GS's actual human interactive experience isn't as bad as it used to be. Meanwhile Amazon's "Delivering on release day...before 9pm" delivery is a pain in the arse.


His mouth ready to love you


Trying to keep my enthusiasm up for gaming despite adult responsibilities and work getting in the way. Been playing a lot of EDF Iron Rain and 4.1 and jonesin' for Shakedown Hawaii and Rage 2. Beating Assassin's Creed Odyssey took a lot out of me O%20


So Rage 2 will be a single player game with optional live service features and this is just fine & dandy with me. Article from whence this came in comments once comments load and stuff.


Ahh yes, the three genders


My explorer in No Man's Sky's NEXT update may or may not be a Mandalorian space marine bounty hunter.


As much as I love being able to count wrinkles on a NPC's left cheek in FarCry5...I'd prefer more inventive gameplay mechanics & AI over pushing the graphics envelope. So more Gravity Rush 2-style ideas and less "Wow look at that NPC's butthair!".


Wow. Twitter is certainly an.... interesting experience. Gotta take a break from that.


Playing FarCry5 and realized Faith Seed is basically a prettier Psycho Mantis. Things go about as well for her as you'd expect.


TFW you're US Secretary of State and get fired via Tweet


My workplace is being audited because our ops manager has been fudging the inventory numbers since he took over last year. Also he's got anger management issues & is an awful racist, homophobic ass. Hopefully his exit won't be too embarassing to watch.


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The funkily-spelled term 'ikiryou', per Wiki, 'refers to a spirit that leaves the body of a living person and subsequently haunts other people or places, sometimes across great distances'. Now replace the word "haunts" with "annoys". I like more game types than I can think to post here, which makes for an awful backlog of epic proportions. The picture below is a poorly 'shopped representation of me holding my backlog list.

I've been gaming since Defender was only available in an arcade. The first video game I can remember playing (non-arcade) was a Defender clone on some sort of godawful Tandy computer. It could've been a Trash-80, I'm unsure since it was middle school. Then my parental units bought me several LED/LCD-based handheld/tabletop games (Pac-Man and Zaxxon) which were totally not actual video games.

Around the same time I discovered goth/heavy metal/thrash/new wave music, which I thought my parents considered a loud tool of Satan(!). So I naturally consumed it like tasty unrefined Red Lyrium and turned into a frothy-mouthed red demon or something.

I am currently demoniacally possessed by an Xbox, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, a PSP(slim, CFW 6.61), a pearl-white DS Slim, a Vita, and the New 3DS XL...and an ungodly backlog which I've *totally never mentioned before* in this profile.

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Xbox>> Far Cry 4, GTAV (yes, still)

Favorite Music: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Fever Ray/The Knife, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Metallica, Austra, Myrkur...seriously, you should be working on your backlog instead of reading this shite.

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