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I've found the NX! I can confirm it is portable and a tablet and the graphics are very realistic. Having no screen is a brave gamble that relies on your imagination to provide untold graphical power.


Did PS4 win the console war?

I wanted a PS4 and I didn't know why. That's how I started this. I have a PC fully capable of running most of the recent multi platform releases that have also come out for the xbox one and ps4, and there's not a wealth of exclusives reall...


Red Dwarf vs X-Com: An adventure in meta gaming

This is the adventures of the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf. I, Arnold Judas Rimmer have been co-opted by the X-Com organisation so we may engage with the alien force. Recognising my natural superiority and leadership qualities (chicken...


Are you a bad enough dude to name the NX?

So whilst I'm bored toiling in my 9-5 I thought I'd do a fun poll - what do you think the NX is going to be called? Whoever comes up with the silliest name that makes me snort hot coffee out of my nose on to my work pc wins a fabulous No Pr...


Hey, I did a post on video game music in popular culture. Check it out! http://www.getintothis.co.uk/2015/10/from-tetras-to-brutal-legend-a-look-back-at-video-game-music-in-popular-culture/#more-47749


So, after Holmes asked people to do possible photoshops for Super Paper Metroid on Twitter, I thought I'd draw it instead. It was fun, but man, I wish there was a pop up Metroid game.


Watch as I handle a giant joystick!

So, I went to Computer Spiele Museum in Berlin last week, and I thought it'd be criminal not to do a fun, short article about the place in case any of you guys find yourselves in Berlin and want to have a geek out. Computer Spiele is pretty...


Fatal Frame physical edition coming to Europe

Good news, everyone! Yesterday it was announced on Nintendo Europe's twitter feed that Project Zero: The Maiden of Dark Water (that's Fatal Frame to you treacherous collonials!) is getting a physical release as a special edition on 30/10. ...


What's NX for Nintendo?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the news by now that Nintendo have announced they are working on a new console codenamed the NX. Although Iwata didn’t impart much information regarding the new console, merely acknowledging ...


The Gift of Gaming: Competition

I sometimes wonder about parallel universes and how the minutiae of our everyday existence branches off into parallel worlds based on different decisions we did or didn’t make. One of the more minor parallel universes I think ab...


Whatever happened to gamers?

Hunter S. Thompson wrote a book in 1966 called Hell�s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Thompson lived amongst them, drank with them, rode with them, and wrote about them. �But, Noir, what�s that got to...


Improvement: Making a better Metroid

There�s a lot of things I don�t like about Metroid: Other M, and I covered a lot of my pet peeves about the game in one of my previous cblogs, http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Noir+Trilby/2010-sucked-any-objections-lady--192378.phtml so i...


Zelda Week: Greatness from small beginnings.

To a lot of people The Legend of Zelda has been super ceded many times over by its numerous sequels. It�s a game that is so open it borders on directionless, the story laid out is basic and simple � Ganon captures Zelda, Impa runs for hel...


Villains: Vengeance is relative

Both No More Heroes and its sequel Desperate Struggle have some of the most compelling villains I�ve ever encountered within games, villains who elicit sympathy, amusement, ire and confusion. And sometimes villains who just aren�t villain...


Why Nintendo shouldn't go the way of Sega

So, what�s brought about this latest run of �Nintendo is doomed� articles that have become more and more prevalent recently? For the most part it�s 3DS problems. I�m not talking about nubageddon, the lacklustre e-shop, or the 3D health wa...


Being Social: Couch Co-Op

Some of my fondest gaming memories are centred around playing couch co-op with my brother on the NES . I still have to pay the bastard back for pressing Pause and unpause on the 2nd controller on Mario 3 every time I jumped over a pit, an...


Nintendo's drop in the blue ocean

Right now there's a drought in the blue ocean strategy. Nintendo is like the childhood sweetheart you used to hang out and play with and you have so many great memories of, then you see her years later and she's changed into some one you ...


How to save Zelda from itself.

I thought I'd write this opinion piece as a reply to Jim Sterling's article "The Question: Does The Legend of Zelda need an overhaul?" There are a lot of things I personally want from a Zelda game: fully orchestrated music and full voice...


2010 Sucked: Any objections, lady?

I'm sure I'm one of many people who was disappointed in Metroid: Other M. Although I still enjoyed Samus's latest adventure on Wii, there is a lot of flaws that prevented a good game from being a great game. Call me a fanboy if you will, ...


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