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Reminder: Ys IV: Memories of Celceta Out Today

Between the hooplay of new consoles and Mario 3D World, D-toid has been doing a heckuva job trying to keep a spotlight on Tearaway, a charming game released on an under-appreciated system. But lo and behold, Tearaway is not the only game c...


Just made it into Winter on Last of Us (minor spoilers)

Fuck!� Fuck fuck fuck, fuck.� Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.� Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck?� Fuck, fuck fuck!� Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. ... Fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck.� Fuck fuck, fuck ...


How the PS4 Might Not Screw Up Backwards Compatibility

Back in 2006, Sony made a mistake. They decided to launch the third iteration of their Playstation brand with a custom Cell microprocessor that was hard to develop for, which resulted in less-than-perfect ports and only their first-party s...


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