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Oh my God, there's totally a new trailer for BOTW 2 that just leaked! I'll post it in the comment to avoid spoilers!


So this looks pretty good. Can't wait until June!


Me when I discovered that I could use my Pokémon to break giant boulders in Legends and not jumping over the them like I have the entire game.


After playing it for seven hours and having a pretty great time, I can conclude that Pokemon Legends is a pretty good game, great even.


I'm so happy that Pokemon Legends is coming out in a couple days. Not just because it looks pretty fun, but because the fandom can finally SHUT UP ABOUT ITS GRAPHICS!


Not going to lie: this actually looks really good. Great even.


I have something very important to tell all of you, but I'm putting it in the comments.


Me when I just upgraded my NSO membership to the one that includes N64 and Genesis games after I told myself I wouldn't.


Friendship with Big Chungus is over. Cheems is my new meme.


It took way, way, WAY longer than I thought, but my last Games That Time Forgot on Bayonetta 2 is now live! Link in the comments. First bump of 2022!


Happy New Year. It isn't 2022 here, but will be soon, though I'll be working when it does.


Games That Time Forgot: Bayonetta 2

.......I know what a lot of you are going to say in the comments when you see the title. "GoofierBrute, you charismatic, sexy, intelligent, humble beefcake! Bayonetta 2 was well recieved and loved by many people, and we're even gettin...


I'm getting paid to feel sad and alone tonight. Merry Chungmas!


My favorite part of the new Spider-Man movie was when the ghosts of Gwen Stacy and Tony Stark had ghost sex while all the Spider-Men cried in a corner as Uncle Ben called them failures.


You know, it's been one of those kind of days where even a whole 7-Eleven pizza sounds good.


Hey guys, don't think I forgot, but the poll for game requests for Games That Time Forgot is now live! Link in the comments! Late night bump.


This was posted after Metroid Dread won Best Action game last night.


As much as I don't like the Game Awards and was really limp on a lot of the games shown.... I feel like me complaining about them is like eating at McDonald's and then being mad that I feel lousy afterwards.


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