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After playing a bit more, I have come to the conclusion that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the best games in the series.....if they didn't run like ass.


I just bought Super Castlevania IV AND Final Fantasy II with the instruction book for less than $100. I don't know how I keep getting this lucky.


Look, I make no secret of the fact that I'm not a big graphics guy and that as long as the game is fun, I don't care about that stuff. But Jesus H Christ on a bicycle, even I have my limits and Pokemon Scarlet is seriously pushing it.


It took some time, but I'm back with another Games That Time Forgot, this time focusing on the Blue Blur and his first experience in 3D: Sonic 3D Blast! Link in the comments. Afternoon bump!


Games That Time Forgot: Sonic 3D Blast

Welcome back to Games That Time Forgot, where we take a look at games nobody remembers. So the Sonic series is going open world this month with Sonic Frontiers. I've heard some good things about it, I'm still in a ...


Maybe it's because I'm going through my own personal stuff and everything or the world being on fire on every day that ends in 'y', but over the years, I've found myself caring less and less about game reviews, game awards, etc.


Watching YouTubers play the older Mario Party games and feeling the pain 11 year old me felt is the single greatest thing about NSO.


Happy birthday to Chris Moyse! I made you 40 cakes, but Lex Luthor stole them. And that's bad.


Are we still doing hot film takes? Okay here are mine: Christopher Nolan is overrated, MCU movies are still good, zombie fiction peaked with Dawn of the Dead, and Dogma is Kevin Smith's best movie.


Playing through Mario Party 1 again, and yeesh. I can see why Peach's Birthday Cake and Yoshi's Tropical Island got brought back in Mario Party Superstars.


Today is the 15th anniversary of Super Mario Galaxy, my favorite game of all time. Neat.


I'm so torn on Bayonetta 3. Not because of the voices, the voices are fine, but because the gameplay feels.....so.....lacking, I guess is the word.


I found a used copy of EVO: The Search for Eden for $40, and a used copy of Mega Man 7 for about $100. Kind of a mixed bag, but still, not bad.


So is anyone having a hard time accessing and editing their CBlogs and QPosts? I keep getting this screen everytime I login on my computer.


You know how there were some Silent Hill fans who weren't too hot on the Silent Hill 2 remake? I'm kind of in the same boat with RE 4 Remake. Kind of.


Here I thought that the reason they were changing Bayonetta's voice in 3 was because of some deep lore reason. Turns out they were just being assholes.


Apparently there's a group of people who think that there's still time to pull a Sonic 1 movie and have a campaign where Nintendo can be pressured to delay the Mario movie so that Chris Pratt can be replaced by Charles Martinet.


Maybe it's because I still have the first game fresh in my mind, but Bayonetta 2 is a much better game than I've given it credit for. It just feels and plays a hell of a lot better than the first one does.


Me after watching that Mario movie Direct:


So Gundam SEED is 20 years old today. Do with that what you will.


Since I'm on the last part of it, I can say that after playing Bayonetta 1 for the first time in more than a decade, I've concluded that it is a good game....when it's focused on the combat and spectacle.


It says a lot that I've played enough of FF IV and VI that I can play the SFC versions and with no confusion about how to play whatsoever.


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