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So... Order Qalamari a sword, then?

Leaderboards 1: Qalamari 1:36 (96 seconds) 2: knutaf 1:42 (102 seconds) Those are the only two entries I've received thus far. I did expect more, but I suppose I won't get it. You know the contest ends on Saturday, right? I mean, you ge...


Musical Delay: Sorry, Prizewinners

ScottyG, EnoSachran, and AlphaDeus, I'm sorry, but I won't be placing the order for your music this pay period. With the weight and scale of Mother Nature's fury, I decided that tossing $500 towards the Red Cross to help Japan's current cri...


Contestoid: Mongoose Course for Halo Goodies!

Get from the spot on the left to the bowl on top of the island to the right. I've made no secret of the fact that I love the Halo series and think that Halo: Reach is a great, great game. So in the spirit of that, I've decided that my nex...


Contest Winners!

And the winners of the free, awesome music are... ScottyG EnoSachran and... AlphaDeus! My d8 rolls being, of course: 2 - 4 - 6. I'll be PMing you three shortly for your prize, which is free Erutan. The rest of you who liked her rendition...


Long Past Due: Seamless Installations

I don't care if it's not that often. I'm sick of seeing screens like this on any console. Everybody knows that systems have technical limitations. No matter how good the drive is when a console is first released, the relentless march of t...


New Contestoid: Free Music is Free

katethegreat19, now known as Erutan, is a fucking awesome singer. Few songs have ever moved me to tears, and I don't even like Final Fantasy IX, but... both her renditions of Rose of May and You're Not Alone are capable of moving me to tear...


Quick Contestoid: Win Awesome Music

katethegreat19, now known as Erutan, is a fucking awesome singer. Few songs have ever moved me to tears, and I don't even like Final Fantasy IX, but... both her renditions of Rose of May and You're Not Alone are capable of moving me to tear...


Contestoid: Who wants Replica Halo stuff?

It's that time again, folks. My last contest went... Alright, but not great, so I'm going to switch things up a bit. Now that RenegadePanda has actually received the Replica Twilight Princess Sword, I'm looking at my disposable income and ...


3 Simple Features That Would Sell Mirror's Edge 2

I often wonder why developers don't push for sequels on games with potential like Mirror's Edge. And really, the fact that EA is trying to figure it out without much apparent success should surprise me, but it doesn't. That said, there's...


Groundhog Day: Final Fantasy Tactics

[For February, our Monthly Musing asks you to tell us about a specific game you just keep coming back to and replaying over and over again. meteorscrap brings you today's promoted Musing -- a look at why he loves Final Fantasy Tactics so mu...


Why cost is not a valid review factor.

I was reading through some of the comments on Hollie's review of Venetica, and one of the comments caught my eye. That being the following comment by KrazyKraut: "I hope Hollie had thinked about the price (29.99) before see gave the game...


Zen Thought of the Day

In half an hour, my friend will be arriving to play Dead Space 2 with me. I just realized that with horror games, I am a gigantic god-damned pussy and this game is piss-my-pants scary. He will be arriving within the hour with a 26-ounce bot...


I learned a new word today.

This one is not going to be quick, and unfortunately it will only relate to games in that the argument that sparked this post began with a game. Let's kick this off with the following: I'm a blond, blue-eyed white male in my late twenties...


Contest Reminder: SNES Poems for a Master Sword!

Want to win a Replica Master Sword? All you have to do is submit a poem about the SNES game of your choice! I'm revising the rules, however: Voting need no longer be by beating me at videogames, since my router died and I've got no way of ...


An USA Contest for USA SNES lovers!

I've got a simple contest brewing, and unfortunately the main prize is USA only, because the winner, along with the Destructoid studio, is going to get a Replica Master Sword. As a Canadian, it offends me that I've got to say this, but I ca...


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