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Catherine!!!! ...is delayed, apparently.

So... Tonight, after dinner, I set out on my bike to pick up my pre-ordered Love Is Over edition of Catherine for my Xbox 360. That route took me across a four-kilometer stretch of Danforth Avenue in Toronto. Now, for those of you unfamil...

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Contestoid: Lie for a Wii, bitches!

Now, this isn't my Gears 3 contest. I'll get back to that in a couple weeks, when the Gears of War release date is looming over me... But Contest-running's in my blood. Doing cool things for a great community is ingrained in me. And thank...


Impressions of the Catherine demo

Now that I've got my hands on the Catherine demo, I've got one thing to say... I've been playing Tales of Vesperia recently. So hearing Troy Baker flirting with and talking to Michelle Ruff as Vincent and Katherine is freaking weird after...


Contestoid: Time to lie, bitches!

So... I can buy Nintendo Wiis for $99.99. As a delaying tactic for my other contest of giving out Gears 3 shit, I'm going to be sending a Nintendo Wii to a member of Destructoid this Friday, since I've gotta buy one anyway. And if I'm ge...


The Future of Gaming: Clouds, Bases, and Harmony

Cloud gaming is here, and every time I hear about it I want to smack someone. No, I'm not interested. Yes, it could have some interesting uses, but playing Crysis 3 on a computer 5,000 miles away instead of the computer in my living room is...


On Travel, PSP, and FKK/Sauna Clubs

This is not going to be a long blog post. Or at least, it's not going to be long by my standards, which means it's probably still going to come off as a little bit long, but not overly long. It's also only tangentially related to gaming in ...


You're Not A Real Fan

I got into a rather interesting discussion with a friend the other day. It mainly had to do with the concept of being a fan, and how I'd told her she wasn't. She argued with me about the matter, and we had a smashing good time going back an...

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That Post-Game Glow: Sequence

As Conrad recently pointed out, Sequence is a recently-released Xbox Live Indie Game which marries the idea of a rhythm game to an RPG and the result is a pleasant surprise. This will not be a review, because the math on this is very, very...


Catherine boxart change: An interesting dilemma

Well folks, I was on Amazon today and I was looking at Catherine for my Xbox 360, figuring I should just go ahead and pre-order it. From what I've read of the game, it's basically a platforming puzzler meets Alpha Protocol/Bioware Game choi...


What the PSN Leak has potentially cost

Alright, so out of curiosity I decided to sit down and figure out just how much this PSN leak has potentially cost us. The figures I'm going to be reporting at the end are going to rely on certain assumptions which I will outline, and to ...

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Aamaazing: Final Fantasy II

[meteorscrap tells us why he fell in love with Final Fantasy II (IV) for his Monthly Musing blog. Want to see your own work on the front page? Go ahead and write a blog on this month's topic and it might get promoted! -- JRo] While I've pre...


XBLIG Game Review: Infinity Danger

There is proof that God loves bullet hell games, and that proof is the existence of Infinity Danger, a game inspired by an independent, 2003 Japanese release called Warning Forever. A lot of what I'm going to say about this game is highly d...


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