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1-Hour Review: L.A. Noire

This is the inaugural 1-Hour Review. If this were information in a travel guide about a trip to China, it would be a section in a travel book, as opposed to an entire book dedicated to the country. It's like a demo review. Meant to give y...


The PSN Outage, a PR facepalm

In light of the recent announcement that the PSN outage has reverted back to “Indefinite Status”, one can’t help but feel sorry for Sony. Unlike the Red Ring of Death for Microsoft, this was not Sony’s fault. They are the victim of a mali...


The Allure of the Fighter and Zell, a Fighter

When my cousin and I were young, skinny little Puerto Rican kids, we did one thing. Well two things if you count masturbation, we played fighting games, all day long. No other genre truly took us like the fighting game genre did. The feel...


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